Does netMIDI work on iOS 10?

I want to use my iPad as a patch editor for hardware synths using apps such as iPG-800, MatrixTouch etc. I'd like the iPad to connect to the synths using NetMIDI over Wifi, through my mio 10, without requiring a Mac or a PC in the loop. This sort of works when I use my old iPad which is running iOS 9, but it doesn't work with my new iPad mini that is on iOS 10 (I can make a connection, it just doesn't communicate). Is the iOS version the reason for the difference? And if so how long until NetMIDI is updated to work with iOS 10?


  • Yeah, I'm afraid NetMIDI doesn't currently work in iOS 10. I'm actually not sure what the issue is exactly - will find out and post again.

    Can you roll back your mini to iOS 9 for now? There are instructions for doing that on the web, and it's not terribly difficult.
  • Hi.

    I recently got a new iPad, and the iOS is 10.3.1.

    I would love to be able to use the ETH1 thru 4 ports on my iConnectMIDI4+.

    I take it this will require an updated version of NetMIDI.   So, here's a vote and a hope to see that soon.


    - Steve
  • We are currently working on an update of iConfig for iOS. Once that's done the next thing on the update list is NetMIDI. Hang in there a little longer please! :-)
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