iConfig issues

Hi all!

We switched Internet hosting providers over the weekend and this has temporarily broken the firmware download check in iConfig. We are working hard on fixing this and hope to have a new version of iConfig out later today or tomorrow. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, please rest assured we're doing everything we can to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!



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  • Here is a simple question - has the mio2 EVER actually worked properly? Don't give me any crap about your "hosting provider" or anyone else. I have no interest in who you are trying to use as a scapegoat. I just want an honest answer to my question - has your mio2 EVER actually worked properly?
  • JAPP, what are the issues you're having? I'd be happy to try and help you.

    And you may be surprised to learn that it actually does work. :) Customers tend to get irritated at companies that release broken products, so in business school they teach students not to adopt that as a general strategy. :)

    Seriously, I sympathize with your frustration - I mean in general. Please let me know what's going on and we'll sort this out.

    The server issue was solved quickly, by the way. iConfig no longer looks for firmware updates on our old server.

    Also, there's now a Firmware Check Frequency feature in iConfig. You can disable it entirely if you want.
  • What's the status on this? It's 2 months later and still not fixed. 
  • There's a public beta available that fixes this. We'll hopefully have another version out later today.

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