Display-issues in Windows iConfig-version


Ive been using an iConnectAudio4+ for about a year now and it came from the dealer with fw- version 1.07 i believe (perhaps 1.08?)...

Anyways, from that time and until now i have still not been able to fully see the softwares GUI due to incompatilities between it and larger screen-resolutions under Windows8.1 Pro x64. Im using a Dell Precision M4800 workstation laptop with a QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution LCD screen. Its practically impossible to see certain menus or parts of same. This is especially a bummer on the main configuration page of the unit but also the mixer-page. The matrix-selector is fine enough. The MIDI-page i might as well forget about...

I must admit that seeing the rather long periods between updates and despite a lot of folks were having similar issues ie crackling noises, update issues, loss of configurations upon reboot etc etc (this last one i can unfortunately recognize as being a frequent 'returner' for me too':-(( simply made me forget all about hoping for any immediate fix - only now it has simply become too frustrating that i figured i'd best report it since noone else seem to have similar issues... hence any future fix seemed unlikely. So here i am:-)

To be honest, aside from its very good sound qualities, this is really one unit that ive regretted buying into. Simply too many constant issues software-wise to be acceptable for my temperament, at least.

Hoping for some sort of resolution and NOT having to resort to yet another workaround such as changing resolution when working with the unit. One could argue how often that might be but somehow thats really besides the point.... Crossing fingers....

Best regards


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