iConfig 4.2.5 for MacOS & Windows released

There's a new version of iConfig out for MacOS & Windows and available on our Downloads page:


Fixes include:

UpdateFirmWareDialog Cancel button will now allow you to cancel updating in case of problems
Timeout progress shows the update progress every 10 seconds
If updating takes longer than 30 seconds, then it will stop and the dialog will close
Firmware Check Frequency menu is removed and there is no auto FW checking setting anymore. Update Firmware can now only be chosen manually.
Firmware can now be loaded directly from a downloaded file (finally!)
New "Switch Device" UI design
Improved error message handling with more informative contents
Fixed a situation which could cause a crash (thanks to BT for helping us find this one - go buy his records, he’s great!)
Fixed some internal crash issues in Bootloader mode

Thanks to all the people who helped test this one! And of course do continue to let us know of any problems you might experience, we value your feedback.



  • Note that you can now upgrade to beta firmware and downgrade to older firmware in case of problems directly from within iConfig - no more having to mess around with MIDI file players ;-)
  • Thumbs up! :)
  • Just not getting this to work. 


    I am running OS 10.9.5 on a MBP

    MBP is Connected to Port 3, Both MIDI in and Out., with an Edirol UM-1EX din/usb cable
    MBP is also Connected to port 2 on the front, with a USB

    I have the old firmware. 1.01

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

    When iConfig asks: Do you want to upgrade the firmware to version 1.0.7?

    iConfig then say : Please ensure before update that PC is connected to device's port #3

    I confirm, and it starts. says putting into bootloader mode etc.....

    MIDI4 LEDS #1 and #2 start to blink

    .....then it has a communication error, and locks up

    MIDI4 LEDS #1 and #2 continue to blink

    iConfig then no longer sees the MIDI4. If I cycle the power button on the MIS4, iConfig then sees it and I can try again. Same results every time

    Ideas?? Thank you

  • I also tried this with ONLY the MIDI IN connected, Port 3. Same error

    Also tried to do it from the file on hard drive, after D/L of the file. Same error.

    Thanks for any insight
  • You need to have your MBP connected directly with a standard USB cable to the USB port at the back of the MIDI4+. Not the DIN ports. You shouldn't use any other cable like the Edirol device.
  • Aha. Thank you. So when i get the message "Please ensure before update that PC is connected to device's port #3"......it's referring to the USB B jack on the rear.

    I am traveling for a while but will try that in ten days and report back. Thanks much!
  • We should change the language used in iConfig to make this more clear. Let me know how you get on!
  • How I can change language? Because it is uncomfortable! And I just know how to change language in games :))
  • I'm sorry, I should have been careful in my choice of words - I meant that we should change the WORDING we use in the software to make it more clear. You can't change the language in iConfig, it's only in English.
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