Devices tested with USB Host Port connection

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One of the coolest things about our interfaces is the USB Host Port which enables you to connect USB MIDI devices without having to go through your computer. Unfortunately there are a few devices that do not work because they expect some special commands directly from a computer that we can't provide. We've been assembling a list of those that we've tested, but we obviously can't get our hands on every piece of gear out there. So if you have something you have tested with our Host Port, let us know and we'll add it to the list.


  • Korg Nano Series (Kontrol, Key, Pad)
  • Looptimus & Looptimus Mini Pedals
  • M-Audio Axiom Series
  • M-Audio Axiom Pro Series
  • M-Audio Axiom AIR Series
  • M-Audio Keystation Series
  • M-Audio Code Series
  • MIDIPlus S6
  • Novation Sl Series
  • Nord Stage 2 EX
  • Roli Seaboard
  • Yamaha CS1x

Partially Working

  • Arturia MiniLab
  • Arturia SparkLE
  • Novation Launchpad

Not Working

  • Ableton Push
  • Livid Base DS-1
  • NI Kontrol Series
  • NI Maschine
  • NI Traktor S2


  • Hi Rodney,
    One question before the community provides info about devices:
    Does it make sense to try to collect more specific test results, what has been tested?

    For example:
    *send notes: | yes | no | not tested |
    *receive notes
    *send clock
    *receive clock
    *send CC
    *receive CC

    Of course there are a lot of devices that can't be tested for some of those "categories".
    Or do you think that would be an overhead and a simple | yes | no | partially | is enough information?

    Best regards,
    Bob Lee Swagger
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    Working and Not Working are pretty much as it says on the tin, the only grey area is in Partially Working. I thought of maybe explaining the stuff in there more closely but I wasn't sure how useful that would be to people. 

    From our internal testing Partially Working means that all the basic MIDI stuff works, but some more arcane features that depend on the device querying the computer directly might not get recognised. For example the Arturia Minilab works perfectly except that the Arturia AnalogLab software doesn't automatically recognise which specific model you have connected and you have to choose it manually. That means it's effectively 99% working but I still thought it better to err on the side of caution when making the list. So maybe we should change that heading to Mostly Working :-)

    But any more specific feedback the community can give is always welcome of course!

  • The devices I have hooked through a USB hub to my mio 10 (and work, at least as far as sending/receiving MIDI goes) are:

    Roland JD-XA (MIDI only, not audio)
    Sequential Prophet 6
    Casio PX5s
    Arturia Beatstep
    Arturia Keystep
    Waldorf Rocket
    Waldorf Streichfett
    M-Audio Venom
    Korg KP3
    Korg Kaossilator Pro
    Ashton Rhythm VX (aka Legacy DD501) drum kit 

  • Thanks Timespy, will add to the list, which I'm hoping to post as a FAQ later today.
  • Updated list now on our website. Thanks to timespy and everyone who has contributed so far - keep your reports coming in please folks!

  • this list contains devices that can receive a midi clock of my ICM4+ USB host port.
    recieving clock is the only functionality i have tested!

    Alesis iO Dock II (with iPad Pro)
    Roland JD-Xi
    Korg KP3
    Korg KP3+
    Arturia Keystep
    Future Artist MIDI Looper

    Not Working:
    Roland System-1
    Roland TB-3

  • Thanks for that Bob. I haven't added your working ones to the list yet because I'd like to check that they are working with more than just MIDI Clock. Pity about the Roland devices not working :-(
  • I really would like to provide more test results but i was not able to get anything working.
    My preparation in iConfig was to enable all(!!!) midi port routings and disable all filters. So i expect that any key-down event will be sent to all ICM4+ OUT ports (DIN + USB)

    My testing setup A was:
    "KORG nanoKEY2" on one port of the USB hub. (this device is listed as working in your list)
    "Roland JD-Xi" on another port of the USB hub.
    Key-down events on the nanoKEY does not trigger notes on the JD-Xi

    My testing setup B was:
    "KORG nanoKEY2" on one port of the USB hub.
    "Roland JD-Xi MIDI IN (DIN)" to ICM4+ MIDI OUT2 (DIN)
    Key-down events on the nanoKEY does not trigger notes on the JD-Xi

    My testing setup C was:
    same as setup A but i replaced the nanoKey with "Arturia KeyStep" (this device is listed as working in timespy's list)
    Key-down events on the keyStep does not trigger notes on the JD-Xi

    My testing setup D was:
    same as setup B but i replaced the nanoKey with "Arturia KeyStep"
    Key-down events on the keyStep does not trigger notes on the JD-Xi

    Obviously i am doing something wrong here. Can you point me in the right direction?
    (i double checked midi channel settings so this shouldn't be the problem)

  • Hi bobleeswagger, have you tried with something plugged directly into the USB port without the hub, checking communication with a DIN port? The problem could be the hub or the cable between the iCM and the hub
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    Hi timespy,
    now i tried without the hub and had the same result.

    But i found out that my iConfig did not behave as i expected:
    hitting Ctrl+A within the tree of the "filter section" selects all. i thought my filter setting changes will apply to all inputs/outputs. but obviously iConfig has some different behaviour...

    Anyway - After renaming my connected USB devices and carefully double checking routing+filter settings everything works!

    Roland JD-Xi: sending and receiving midi notes via ICM4+ USB host port works!
    Teenage Engineering OP-1: sending and receiving midi notes and receiving clock via ICM4+ USB host port works!
    Future Artist MIDI Looper: receiving clock and powering the device is the only reason for its USB port - so there is nothing else that can be tested and it should be listed as working

    *EDIT: also sending and receiving midi notes on the Future Artist MIDI Looper (without using DIN ports) works perfectly
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