IOS 11 beta

Because there were problems with iConnectivity gear in the past with IOS updates (now solved), I'm just curious: Are you guys from iConnectivity already testing IOS 11 beta? And if so, what are the results?


  • Not yet, because we already know that all of our current software won't work with it, since it's all 32-bit. We are currently working on an updated version of iConfig for iOS, and intend to do NetMIDI after that.

    We are on the case ;-)
  • When will be an Update avaible because in Autum Apple Release the IOS11 Final with the New IPhone as regular and than all old Apps with 32Bit will be removed.

  • We don't have a release date yet, but we're planning on having stuff out before the release of iOS 11. Stay tuned.
  • iOS 11 compatible 64-bit versions have already been released Shazamm. This is an old thread.
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