Using ethernet port?

Hi, I just got a mio4, and it's working, but I have a question about setting it up to use the ethernet port. I have 2 computers, a desktop which is always connected and a laptop which isn't. I have the desktop connected to the power USB port so I can always control it, and currently I connect the laptop to the 2nd USB device port when I need to use that. I have 2 synths connected to the mio4 DIN sockets.

This all works great, but what I would like to do is connect the mio4 via ethernet to the router, and be able to use the synths on my laptop when it's connected to my intranet without having to connect the USB cable. Is that possible? I have the ethernet physically connected, and rtpMIDI shows the 4 ethernet MIDI ports, but when I try to connect they are listed in Participants, but are greyed out. Also, if I play the keyboards, all 4 DIN activity lights flash, as well as the USB light, but the Ethernet light doesn't. Is there something I need to setup in iConfig or rtpMIDI to get the Ethernet working like this, or is it just for connecting to instrument devices?

Thanks for any insight.


  • Are the Ethernet ports routed correctly in iConfig? Send a screenshot of your routing if you can.
  • Yes, I have not changed the routing from the default, everything is basically routed to everything except itself. Here is a screenshot of the routing page - the DX7 is plugged into DIN2, W30 into DIN3, neither of them are being received via ethernet.
  • Sorry looks like attaching the screenshot didn't work, you can view it here:
  • If you are using Windows, make sure you are using this rtpMidi driver:

    Any newer version of the rtpMidi driver does not work with iConnectivity devices.
  • Thanks Drumfix, that solved the problem! Is this an issue that is likely to be fixed in a future release?
  • We are working with Tobias Erichsen to design a special version of this driver tuned for iConnectivity devices. We hope to have a release for you sometime in the next weeks if all goes well ;-)
  • Hi Rodney,

    Do you need some test pilots for this special rtpMIDI driver?
    I'm willing to do that. Longing for a working rtpMidi driver from the moment i bought the unit, the rtpMIDI_1_0_11_227 is way to buggy.
  • Still waiting on a beta from Tobias, once it comes I will notify you guys and you can test away! Can't wait...
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