IConnectMIDI4+: iOS no longer sees multiple outs


It was working before, but doesn't work anymore (I suspect one of the latest updates). It doesn't work on both iPad and iPhone.

Say, in the Audiobus app, if I try to assign something on INPUT - I see multiple outs from IConnectMIDI device and multiple outs from other apps, which support this feature. 

But when I try to assign OUTPUT, I don't see multiple inputs on IConnectMIDI device (despite the icon is resent), and I don't see any multiple inputs on any of my apps. Some screens attached (still "Uploading…" at the time of post).

I've played a bit with iConfig on my mac, and also tried USB1 and USB2 - no luck. So it seems the software issue (


  • For some reason uploading seems to be borked on this forum software - no idea why, it's set up so that it should work. So for now the best is to upload screenshots to a hosting site and send us a link so we can have a look.

    From what I see here, sounds like it might be an Audiobus issue? Any other Audiobus users able to shed light on this?
  • Yeah, this issue is happening even in disconnected state, so seems like it is not iConnect device related...
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