MIDI4+ Audio4+ network

hello, I have been using a MIDI4+ exclusively as a MIDI network tool and now want to expand my set up to include an Audio4+, does anybody have any experience using the two together both for MIDI and Audio? Of course, I will also use the Audio4+ to create a light set up with Ipad Pro and a few other items : DX reface (MIDI and audio over USP), Boss RC505 Looper (MIDI and audio over USB), Animooog, and a few more conventional audio and MIDI instruments... Does anyone have experience with Audio4+ and iPad Pro for both audio and MIDI, are there any obvious limitations? Can you run more than one software t at time for instance?


  • You should be able to run both an AUDIO4+ and a MIDI4+ together without any problems. You can even plug the MIDI4+ into the Host Port on the AUDIO4+.
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