How to save a MIDI preset to the MIDI4+ and MIDI2+

Imagine the situation: you have a 100% hardware rig with synths and modules and want to save a MIDI configuration from iConfig to your MIDI4+ or MIDI2+. You may even have multiple MIDI4+ or MIDI2+ units as part of your stage rig and wish to save the same preset to all of them.

Thankfully, this process is nice and easy and can be carried out quickly within iConfig.

Firstly, once you have a preset you wish to save, go to the 'file' option and click 'save preset'. This saves the preset to iConfig's Preset folder for safe-keeping, enabling you to upload the preset to any MIDI4+ or MIDI2+ unit in the future.

Now, select 'Device' then 'Save Current Setting' - this will save the current setting or preset loaded, into the MIDI4+ or MIDI2+

You can then disconnect the MIDI4+ from the computer and it will work as per your configuration preset.

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