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Balanced outputs and TRS to XLR a warning against phantom power.

edited July 2017 in Audio
Hey everyone, Bob here from iConnectivity.

All our audio interfaces: CA2/4, iCA2 and iCA4 offer audio outputs on balanced TRS 1/4" cables. Balanced audio outputs are a professional feature we're proud to offer.

I've recently received a few enquiries as to if it's possible to use TRS to XLR cables with our interfaces. You might want to do this for live work for example, to interface with a front of house desk. Whilst in theory it's possible, there is one MAJOR caveat

You MUST ensure that phantom power is NOT sent to the outputs of your audio interface!

Applying phantom power to line-out ports has a strong possibility of damaging the DC blocking capacitors on the outputs, permanently damaging your interface, and rendering your interface unable to pass audio

If you're in any doubt about whether Phantom power is present at the XLR inputs of the equipment you're connecting to, then use a DI box to isolate the iCA4+ outputs.

If you're running the iCA4+ outputs to the line inputs on a piece of equipment, rather than the mic inputs of a mixing desk, for example, you should have no problems whatsoever.

The golden rule though, is to ensure that you never ever send phantom power to the interface audio outputs.


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