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Need help for MIDI routing setup w/ iCA4+, AUM and Midiflow

Hi everybody,

it seems I need to pick your brains a bit... can't seem to figure this out on my own.

My plan is to use my iPad and a MIDI-Controller (Line6 mobile keys) for my gigging keyboard needs.

MIDI-Keys --> Host jack of iConnectivity Audio 4+
iPad --> USB1 on the same device

on the iPad: AUM controlling my synth-apps (Neo Soul Keys, Module, Gadget etc.), using Midiflow to setup different zones on my keyboard for different apps (like lower register on the keyboard for playing synth bass and upper for rhodes/piano/...).
Also, I would like to route the bass signal to a specific output on the iCA4+.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I only get two different apps to sound at the same time (layering) instead of the 'splitting' functinality I need.

I know this is a complicated setup, but does anyone have experience with that or something similar? Btw., I think the main problem is the MIDI routing between AUM, the apps and Midiflow and NOT in the iCA4+.

Many thanks in advance!
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