audio passThru not working, integrating iconnect midi 4+ as an aggregated device in windows

Hi there,

i´m using Windows 10 (1703) x64 with Ableton Life x86, a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 USB Audio Interface, iConnect Midi 4+ and several hardware synths.

Everything working fine until i wanted to integrate my brand new iPad into the Setup with Audio passThru.

If i´m changing my audio prefs in Live to asio4all and want to integrate iconnect midi 4+ as an aggregated device in the asio4all driver, it is not possible because it is not available. It seems like that my computer has recordnized the midi 4+ as midi device but not as audio device?

My iConnectMIDI4+ has, Hardware Verion 2.0 with Firmware Version 1.0.8. The Midid Driver is Version

It seems like iConnectMidi is better on Mac than Windows?

I also opened a ticket at iConnectivity on Tuesday, but didnt hear since then.

Also interesting is that if i activate my Soundcard in the Asio4all driver i am only able to active one input and one output.
This is the second issue;) Nevertheless iconnect midi is working sometime, i can only us one input of my soundcard, and my soundcard has 4 Inputs...  

How can i trasmit the audio from the ipad onto my pc through iconnect midi 4+?

looking forward,


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