Routing MIDI based on channel?

Hello everyone.

Here's a theoretical setup:

1) Akai MPK mkii controller (on one of the USB host ports)
2) Roland XV5050 on DIN1
3) A drum machine on DIN2

I'd like to route MIDI coming from the MPK on all channels EXCEPT 10 to the XV5050 on DIN1, and route channel 10 from the MPK to the drum machine on DIN2. It's not clear to me how to do this (or even if it's possible after reading the manual. 

Does anyone out there know how to do this?

Thanks for any info.

- Mike.


  • You could use the MIDI Port Filters section in iConfig.
  • How would that work?
  • That's definitely possible, I have a big setup that uses that. The description below is all from memory so may not be 100% correct. I always get confused with the Input and Output filters especially

    You need to go to the MIDI routing tab and route the MPK to both DIN1 and DIN2. Then go to the MIDI port filter tab. Select DIN1 in the left hand pane. Make sure that Output is selected in the little menu above the left hand pane. Then click on the box below channel 10 in the "grid" to unselect the 10 column. Then select DIN2 as the port and click on the grid so that only Channel 10 enabled.

    Once you've tested it and it works don't forget to save these settings to flash on the device so you don't have to it again when the device is powered off.

  • Thanks so much for the info! I'll give this a try and respond here with the results.
  • Sorry it took so long to get back here with a response.

    No joy on the above solution. I'll try and explain.

    This is a simplified sketch of my setup (pardon the ascii art :-).

    MPK:    Akai MPK Mk II. Configured to send drum pads out channel 10
    XV:     Roland XV-5050. Configured in GM mode, drums on channel 10
    ICM4+:  iConnectMIDI4+.
    iPhone: Using iMIDIPatchBay app to:
      1) configure all channels other than 10 on XV with patches
      2) Sends input from channel 1 to XV for splits/layers

                        | ICM4+     |
    (HOST2)  MPK-+-10-->+---------->+--10-+-->XV (DIN4)
                 |      |           |     |
                 +-1--->+---+  +--->+-----+
                        |   |  |    |
                            |  ^
                            |  |
                            V  |
                           iPhone (USB1)
                             iMIDIPatchBay app
                             processes input from
                             channel #1, sends
                             output to several channels

    Based on this picture, I'd like to set things up such that:
      a) input to ICM4 on Channel 10 from the MPK routes only to the XV
      b) input to ICM4 on Channel 1 from the MPK routes only to the iPhone
      c) All input to ICM4 from the iPhone routes to the XV

    So, if I set things up the way you described, with an output filter
    on the XV (DIN4) to allow only channel 10 data, data from the iPhone
    on all other channels doesn't get there. If I take that filter off,
    then the channel 1 data from the MPK goes to the XV as well as
    the iPhone... which passes unprocessed info directly to channel 1
    on the XV, as well as the processed data.

    Does all of the above make sense?

    I don't think there's a way to get the above picture working the
    way I'd like. :-(

  • I see your pain and I can't see a way to do it the way you have it illustrated. it may be possible to do it if you sacrifice another port on the ICM4+ (let's say DIN 1) and turn it into a loop by connecting its MIDI IN and OUT together with a cable. Then you could route HOST2 to both DIN 1 and USB 1, filter channel 10 out of USB 1 (output) as well as filter all but channel 10 out of DIN 1 (input). Then route DIN 1 and USB 1 to DIN 2.

    I can't see another way to do it

  • edited September 29
    Thanks for he suggestion. I actually have DIN2 free at the moment. 

    Just for all your edification :-) ... ...

    I route the output of my EWI (which is on HOST1) to DIN1 OUT which has a Yamaha MFC2 hooked up, with the output from that going back to DIN1 IN. The MFC2 serves 2 purposes:

    1) The pedals send program change events which I use to drive the song selection in iMIDIPatchBay, which configures all the sound modules on DIN3 and DIN4 with the right sounds

    2) Let's me actually sustain a note from the EWI on channel 2, while continuing to play on channel 1, which can be very cool :-)

    So, here's everything I have hooked up to my iCM4+:

    DIN1: Yamaha MFC2, foot controller, program selection, sustain pedal for EWI
    DIN3: Yamaha VL70-m (physical modeling synth... awesome sounds for the EWI, monophonic, mono-timbral)
    DIN4: Roland XV-5050 (more sounds for the EWI, multi-timbral, polyphonic)... also drum sounds for the pads on the MPK and other synth sounds for the MPK keyboard
    HOST1: Akai EWI 4000S breath controller (actually a wireless MIDI receiver, the transmitter for which is hooked up to the EWI. The host port provides power for the receiver as well as MIDI)
    HOST2: Akai MPK25 mk II keyboard controller (host port provides power and MIDI)
    USB1: iPhone, route MIDI through iMIDIPatchBay, allows easy setup of sound modules for each song, and does stacking/splitting of MIDI input before sending out to sound modules

    So, DIN2 could work just like you say. The reason I want to do the routing like this is because iMIDIPatchBay only supports setup/routing of 4 externs at the moment, and I'd rather not take one of those up to support the drum pads, and instead use them for layering sounds together for the EWI or keyboard.

    Thanks again!!!

    - Mike.
  • Very cool setup. I bought myself a Yamaha WX-7 and a VL-70m recently for the expressed purpose of experimenting with physical modelling and breath control. I just need to learn to play the saxophone now so I can actually use the WX-7 :-)
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