touch display stopped working (audio connect 4+)

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Hi, Ive had my interface for only 6 months ..... very very light usage.... I finally got a corner to set up in and got it updated to the latest firmware and software with my mac.  Unfortunately now the display no longer works other than the levels at start up and shut down.  Ive tried resetting and fully rebooting.... also headphone jack doesn't appear to be outputting? Any ideas? *edit headphones now working.... dial changes levels but rest still the same...


  • Best to send a support ticket in so we can do some troubleshooting.

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    Try to connect the technical support of your device with touch display and check slot of it. I think that can help you
  • Have done rodney, fingers crossed...!!!

  • Very disappointed no-one is currently replying to me from support after I’ve followed all instructions and provided all in formation :-(
  • That's odd. I will look into it.
  • Thanks Rodney, Bob has not replied to my last few emails after promising to get me sorted out :-(
  • Still haven't heard anything, is this common practice just not to respond?
  • Hi Stockylocky, very sorry you haven't heard back recently; we've been in the middle of a product launch, and a big trade show in the UK.
    Unlike large faceless corporations, we're a very small team here, which means we all wear lots of hats!
    Either way, none of that should be your concern, and so I'm sorry I haven't got back to you recently.

    I have replied to your ticket, just now, with a resolution I hope you find acceptable.
    If there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to let me know.

  • Hi Bob thanks for this, I haven’t heard from you since I returned my unit?
  • Hi Stockylocky, could you please post your ticket number here for me?

    I received an Audio 4+ in the post last week with the same fault as yours, however there was no documentation with it whatsoever, hence it's been very difficult to trace whom it belongs to!

    If it's your interface, I'm pleased to say I fixed it today and it's working perfectly.
    Please reply with your ticket number and I'll get it sent back to you ASAP.

  • Hi, sorry I assumed as I’d been sending emails you would know, I then realised you might not be getting them so posted on here.... ... I assume the ticket number is in there? Was it something I could have done Bob? If so would be good to know if I have future problems ! Many thanks Alan
  • Oh and can you email me to confirm postal address please!
  • Hi Bob have you received my address ok?
  • Getting a bit anxious now, no contact, unit not returned? Is there a telephone number contact ??
  • omg, this situation is frustrating  for everyone who's watching over... hope no one need to pass trough it too.
  • Hi Alan.

    It's taken a lot of detective work to find your unit, as was mentioned previously, it arrived without any documentation or reference. The only way I could confirm it was your unit was that it was the only one with your specific fault!

    Anyhow, I'm pleased to say your unit is repaired and will be in the post this week. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Just to be clear, you gave no instruction to send any documentation but asked for postal receipts to be emailed upon sending. I complied with instructions to the letter. You have simply stopped responding to emails, the only responses I have been able to get are by posting on this forum. The postal details I emailed to you would have matched the package number, no? Anyway at this stage I just want my unit back as soon as possible please... thanks
  • Hi stockylocky

    Our repair guys don't get a lot of units back, but we do get more than one, so normally we ask the sender to fill in an RMA form with all their details and enclose it with the package, so we know exactly what the fault is, and who to send it back to when it's done.

    My apologies if you didn't get that form. The form-sending pixie will be strenuously told off immediately :-)

    Anyhow, it's all sorted now, so hopefully there will finally be a happy ending to this long and winding tale...

  • I think it’s the email-replying pixie that you need to have a word with. Still haven’t had confirmation that you’ve received my correct address yet. Really is odd.
  • There is obviously something very wrong here, I own two of your products midi and audio and have loved them, reccomending them to everyone. I was considering a third specifically for live use. I don’t think I’ve ever had problems like this before. I’ve been without my product for over a month which was apparently fixed as soon as it arrived. I have been in contact by email diligently since it left. I really don’t understand what is going on here? Initially I was told I would get a replacement sent as soon as I sent proof of postage. This didn’t happen but I had no issue when I was told that my unit was repaired, and ensured I complied to the letter. I understand and respect that you are a small company but come on...? Can someone/anyone please help me?
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