iconfig communication error midi port

anyone else having problems on windows with the iconfig software?
Reinstalled, cleaned ol drivers, updated firmware..
wasted many hours on this problem.

what iconfig says after opening:

An unexpected error occurred trying to open a MIDI port. Please refresh to connect device again.

a ticket has been opend an the sugested i needed to install the windows driver.... :-))


  • What drivers, firmware, and version of iConfig, and version of Windows? We always need to know those details at a minimum before we can even start to troubleshoot.

    Let me know how it goes with your support ticket. I'm sure we can get you up and running.
  • hello, all igot was the question if i installed the latest drivers.. Its a first install and first use of dthe iconnect4+.
    updated the firmware to 1.0.7.
    downloaded en installed all the latest drivers and software available from the download section.

    as requested:
    motherboard: gigabyte p35-ds3, cpu q6600, 2x 2gb ocz 6400 platinum ddr2 ram
    windows 7 home premium 32 bits (6.1, build 7601)
    2 pulsar 2 creamware cards and 1luna (realtime dsp audio cards/interface)

    hope this helps
  • still no solution with the old drivers. 
  • redesigned the studio and used another PC.
    this time a 1366 i7 950, no problems at all.
    the unit is updated by iconfig to 1.0.8. and i am able to use the software as intended.

    i suspect that a) 775 or the q6600 is not compatible with the new software
         b) the creamware cards and uad1 pcie card are giving problems

    I will do a clean install on the old system and install the iconnectmidi4 first before anything else.
    At least now i am sure its not a faulty unit.

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