Using ipad as external FX unit? iCA4 + Logic 10

Has anybody figured out how to use an ipad as a pass thru effects unit with Logic 10 using the iCA4? I've been using Logic for a long time but some elements still confuse me. I have no problems playing ipad synths through Logic and recording the audio files and midi files using the iCA4. I've seen the video of how easy it is to do what I want in ProTools but Logic is a bit different. I haven't found any vids that show how this is done in Logic.
I have an aggregate device set up and it works. The actual patching in Logic is my problem. I'm hoping to set the ipad up as a Send.
If you could walk me through it like I'm 10 years old (!) then I would get it.


  • If you can wait a couple of weeks or so, you should be able to do this in about 10 seconds with the new Auracle software if all goes as planned ;-)
  • That sounds awesome! I have 30 days where I can return the iCA4 so I will try to hold out with my fingers crossed. iConfig graphics are flakey on my tower. I will try and figure it out in the mean time in spite of the graphic glitches.
    Thanks Rodney.

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