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MIDI routing in Logic Pro X

edited October 2017 in MIDI
Hi all,

I need some advice regarding routing both on the iConnectivity 4 and Logic Pro X.

Below (hopefully attached!) is my setup and all done in accordance with the manual. in the Port Routing, I firstly ditched all connections, then made the following connections;

HST1 Port 1 (Oxygen 88) to USB 3 (Mac)
HST 2 Port 2 (CUBEAT drum) to USB 3 (Mac)
HST 3 Port 3 (M-Audio 49) to USB 3 (Mac)

Important - The intention was to have one sound/track assigned to one keyboard, and a different sound/track to the other keyboard. 

However, I can't get this to happen. On Logic, I have tried to go into MIDI Environment > Physical Input, then 'plug' HST 1 to one sound/track, and do the same for HST3 to another sound/track. However, it doesn't make any difference as whichever Track is active at the time, both keyboards play the same sound.

Questions are;

1. In Logic, is it possible to have two tracks active at any one time?
2. If so, am I missing something in the routing in Logic?
3. Otherwise, am I missing something in the iConnectivity Port Routing?

Any help is hugely appreciated!
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