Using iConnectMIDI4+ with an audio interface - Only using iOS.

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How can I connect my midi4+ to my Apogee Duet 2 for iOS so I can use the audio from my iPad Air? I have my FA-06 connected to the midi din1 to use as a midi controller. I have the iPad Air connected to USB device jack 1. If this is not possible then what audio interface do I need to receive iPad Air audio from the midi 4+ for my live rig. I am trying to accomplish this without buying a laptop. - clear


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    If you wanted to use the apogee duet and the iConnectMIDI4+ at the same time on windows or OSX, you would be able to do that. Unfortunately, there's no way to pair hardware within iOS and your host port is for USB-MIDI class compliant devices only. Although, you can tell your iConnectMIDI4+ (using iConfig) to play audio from the headphone output on the iPad, if you were in the situation where you didn't need the digital audio feed (Audio passThru) back to another computing device.

    iConnectAUDIO4+ will have you covered though. For example, you could use your external MIDI DIN device while sending MIDI and audio back-and-forth from your iPad, while the iPad and/or an other computing device have access to any of the physical inputs and outputs of the iConnectAUDIO4+.

    Let us know if you have any other concerns,
  • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I need to find a device that can convert that digital signal back to something I can use live. Will iConnectivity's new audio interface make that possible?
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    Yes, You could get the audio from the iPad to come out of the line outputs on the iConnectAUDIO4+ while sending MIDI to the iPad using the hardware's DIN ports. This would also allow you to send Audio to the iPad or straight through the interface - so it can be your audio mixer live as well, if needed.

    If you were using iConnectMIDI4+ with just an iPad - that audio would come out of the iPad headphones or digitally back to another computing device/DAW. Of course, the headphone output will not sound as good as iConnectAUDIO4+ balanced line outputs.

  • Thanks. It looks like I may need to get the iConnect Audio4+. I have one more question. I know this would be a little unconventional but what if I got a USB-B to USB-B cable and used that to plug into a DAC to get my audio out to the mixer? Or used a USB-A dual female adapter?
  • The iConnectivity inline connection cables have special electronic in them to support our hardware and Apple's hardware - so you wouldn't not be able to use any adaptors on the device ports. The device ports also only support computing devices.

    You can use an Apple 30-pin to lightning adaptor on the iOS side of things, but you would not want to use any type of USB male/female conversion adaptors. It is not something we support.

    Hope that helps,
    Let me know.
  • The device port will need to be computing devices (Mac, PC, and iOS). The host port only supports class complaint USB-MIDI.

    This is how both iConnectMIDI4+ and iConnectAUDIO4+ work.

    You can pair your hardware with another interface using ASIO4ALL (Win) or Aggregate (Mac), if you wish. Although, it's not possible within iOS.
  • "This is how both iConnectMIDI4+ and iConnectAUDIO4+ work,"

    ...except with the AUDIO4+ we'll be able to route the audio pass thru of any of the iOS inputs to any of the 4 1/4 inch outputs via the iconfig matrix software, right? That would solve hefa's problem of not being able to route the pass thru audio at the moment. (But like me, he/she would obviously have to buy the AUDIO4+)

    I'm in the same position. I bought the MIDI4+ to have a host port, so I can use a wireless midi controller in a live setting WITHOUT a computer. Then I incorporated my iPad into the rig and realized that the audio pass thru will only "pass thru" to another computing port on the MIDI4+. Bummer, but makes sense, as there are no "audio outs" on the MIDI4+

    So it should be safe to assume that audio pass thru can actually "pass thru" any of the audio outputs of my (VERY MUCH highly anticipated) AUDIO4+.

    (PLEASE let this be the case... I need a good, streamlined live setup, which is why I preordered the AUDIO4+ the moment I saw it.)

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    Yes, you can monitor Audio passThru streams as well as direct monitoring of the hardware itself. You would also be able to use your iOS device as the sound source live, without an additional computer.

    Without physical inputs and outputs on iConnectMIDI4+, you will still see the interface like an audio card. That way you can use these digital feeds.

    I hear you, it's really awesome to use iConnectAUDIO4+ as yor controller/MIDI hub and audio mixer at the same time. Opening up some of these live set up situations you were talking about.

    Although, the products are not replacing each other, so it just depends on how you wish to use the hardware. But iConnectAUDIO4+ will appeal more to the 'live setup' user that needs audio as well.
  • Could hefa plug the ethernet on his Midi4+ into a wifi router, plug is Apogee duet into his ipad and then use the Duet for audio and midi over wifi for his midi connection?
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    Yes, you can use a wifi router with iConnectMIDI4+ to send MIDI back and forth between your wifi enabled iOS devices and your iConndctMIDI4+ I/O. We have an app call 'NetMIDI' that you can download for free if you want to check that out.

    Although, I would not recommend using wifi/Bluetooth options for MIDI or audio if you are dealing with timing based performances - like running a MIDI sequence.

  • hello, I am trying to use a MIDI4+ and Audio4+ together and would like to route both MIDI and audio from one to the other; just MIDI would also be useful. Can the first be done, I have detected no way of merging the audio of the two... MIDI seems possible but am curious how you guys out there have solved the riddle

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