Will There Be An ASIO Driver for iConnectAUDIO4+ When Using Windows?

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Will the iconnectAUDIO4+ have a native audio driver or will it require an aggregate such as asio4all, as required by the current iconnectmidi systems?


  • Hello, since device aggregation is not a necessity with iConnectAUDIO4+ it will have a dedicated windows driver.
  • I see. Will the dedicated driver also allow audio pass through?
  • Yes, the ASIO driver will handle the analog inputs, outputs, and digital Audio passThru streams (to and from). The device port connected to the iOS will be using core MIDI and core audio support.

    Let us know if you have any other concerns.
    Thanks for checking out the forum!
  • One box to rule them all.
    will hold off until this is released. It's exactly what I'm looking for. Will it also charge ios devices?

    I hope you sell a million of them.
  • Hi again qline! Thanks for your kind words! Yes USB port 1 will charge, port 2 will maintain but not charge.
  • Quick follow up, now that the release date is set....will this unit work as a stand alone audio interface with an IPad and the included power supply?
  • Yes, you can use it with just the iPad if you wish - while charging the iPad
  • Cool! I need the portability as well as full daw system integration. Consider one unit sold.
    And thanks for the quick response. Customer service with new tech products is paramount.
    Best of luck!
  • We appreciate your support as well.
    Hope you enjoy the interface once you get.

    Feel free to create a new discussion if you need further assistance once you start using your iConnectAUDIO4+.
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    So the iCA4+ absolutely requires a driver to work on Windows? Or is there a mode of operation that allows it to be used with the drivers built into Windows?

    Advertising states:
    USB audio and MIDI Class-Compliant – no drivers needed

    But under Downloads and Support section on your website it states:
    Required iConnectAUDIO4+ driver for Windows *
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    Sorry for any confusion Ringleader,

    There are no additional drivers needed when using OSX and iOS.

    When using a windows system, we do have an ASIO driver.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns.
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    Ok thank you for the clarification. I was hoping to use the iCA4+ on a corporate Windows 7 PC and getting IT to approve driver installation is next to impossible. It is tough to find audio interfaces that are truly class-compliant, especially ones that support 24-bit on Windows. Will keep looking! Thanks
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    Manufactures will create an ASIO driver for audio performance reasons on Windows, which may not be needed on a Mac. Core audio and core MIDI support on OSX/iOS is pretty solid/reliable.

    Also, you would not be able to use a device that needs a special driver for OSX on your iOS device.

    That's why you will sometimes see interfaces with only a windows driver.

    Hope that helps.
  • Scheduled delivery 5/1. Used sweet water instead of direct because I needed some other items. Looking forward to it. Are there win64 drivers or just the 86?
  • The windows driver supports Windows XP SP3 or later. Win x64 or x84 will work.
  • Support ticket #741920. Input 4 cycling to peak with nothing connected. Firmware?
  • Looks like RJ is on the case @qlne.
    He will take care of you.
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