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Is iPad resetting my iConnectAudio4+?

edited April 2015 in Audio
Hi, I had a good mornings use of the iCA4 yesterday and got it working wonderfully well as an input device into Ableton. However this morning I noticed it kept resetting.

It seems to happy being connected to my iPad and charging my at first and then the whole device resets. This will l happen after 30 ish seconds and then will repeated every 5 seconds unless I remove the iPad.

Everything works fine it seems with my iPhone 5

I have the iPad into USB2 and my Mac into USB 1. I have an iPad 4 running Version 7.06
Replicated on an iPad Mini (1st gen) 7.1.2

If I unplug the iPad, everything seems to be fine again and no resets and as I said it seems to work perfectly well with the iPhone.

I am in the UK and have an EU converter plug but I can't believe that's the source of the problem.

Is there anything I should try? I don't fancy updating my iPad though...

Edit: I've swapped the USB ports into the iconnect -opposite to manual and symbols, and it seems to work ok?


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    Hey Andrew, what exactly do you mean by resetting? Are you talking about the power itself of the iPad - charging? Or something app related?

    Is your iConnectivity hardware turning on and off?
  • Hi, I should have said reboot sorry. It's the iconnectivity hardware which shuts down and then turns itself on again. The inputs and outputs are lost in the DAW.
    I said above that when i swapped the USB ports on the ic4a that it worked, but it does not charge enough and I can see the battery draining faster the it charges. The device does appear to work well and does not shutdown.

    In the manual it suggests that you should use port 1 to charge ios devices? ( this causes the shutdown)
    Is this the recommended setup with an ipad and mac - ipad port 1 , mac port 2?

    I have submitted a support ticket.
  • it should not cause the hardware to turn off regardless - sounds like the hardware is not receiving enough power. What kind of additional power adapters are you using?
  • I am using the IC4 EU plug in UK with wall plug adaptor. (As suggested by manual)

    I bought it from whose site assured me it would come with suitable adapter or plug. It just came with EU plug. I'll purchase another adapter today and see if that makes a difference.

    Can't find anywhere that sell UK power supplies at present.

  • Thanks Andrew - Click on my name and send me an email with all your detail (or just reference your support ticket if you want). I'll make sure our European rep reaches out to you to make sure your power supply and hardware is proper.

    We appreciate your patience,
  • Thanks JS will send you a message.
  • Just to say that's me already received my replacement unit from and this one is working really well very pleased to be getting everything setup properly now!
  • Great to hear. Enjoy!
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