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System Output on the Ipad does not show the 6 USB busses individualy

All six USB busses of the AUDIO4+ appear as System Audio Inputs on my iPad (I´m using Audiobus) but when I want to select the output, only one "System Audio Output" appease and I don´t see the six indivudial USB busses as iPad outputs. Is there a solution?


  • Additionaly to that I have not managed to select USB out 1or 2 indivually. All signals are either sent straight to 1to1 and 2 to 2 or one input to both outputs. So on the iPad the four outputs of Audio4+ cannot be uses as four full busses but as one bus with four connections. Or am I doing something wrong?

    Any help is highly appreciated. Uwe
  • edited April 2015
    Can you post a picture of what you see on the iPad (lock and home button at the same time) and how your audio patchbay is set via iConfig? That way I can see what you are seeing. The default audio patchbay configuration only has iPad output 1/2 patched to Computer input 5/6 (or whatever computing device connected to the other device jack).

    Let me know how I can assist further.
  • Sorry I didn´t answer this in April. Meanwhile I understood that Ipad needs another App to use more busses in Audiobus. I think I cannot close this discussion myself, if I could I would. Thanks Jsandeen.
  • No worries, Ill close it for you.
    Feel free to create another ticket if anything else comes up or gets in your way.
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