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iConfig bugs on Windows 8.1

edited April 2015 in Audio
Having real trouble with iconfig on Windows 8.1, its buggy as hell. Doesn't stay stable for more than 30 secs. I'm Using firmware 1.06 and iconfig 4.0.3. and have done a factory reset.
Main issues is the prog freezing after 10-15 secs or the level unresponsive.


  • Tried it out on my macbook pro now too, it appears to have the same issues. Iconfig loses connectivity and cant find the IA4+ and I need to restart the unit for it to find it again.
  • edited April 2015
    Hey Jose, could you please create a support ticket here for us:
    That way we have all your details documented to best understand any iConfig issues you may be having. Sounds like you're using the latest iConfig and firmware version, so we'll dive into what's happening on the computer side.

    Appreciate your patience,
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