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Assigning phones output in Auria iPad.

Hi all.

I am keen on using Auria on my iPad with the iConnectAudio for backtracks on stage. I am using the 4 outputs for tracks, and want to use the phones output for click tracks. But I can't figure out how to assign the click track to phones output. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks!



  • Sounds like you want to use outputs 5/6 on the app's settings. Do you see this option within the app preferences?

    Also, you will want to make sure that iConfig's audio patchbay reflects the device jack routing of 5/6 (source) to analog 5/6 (destination - which is the headphone jack).
    Feel free to upload a picture of the audio patchbay if you'd like me to check it out.

  • Hi JS

    Thanks for the response!

    Yes, that is exactly what I want to. I see outputs 5/6 in Auria, but no sound is coming thru 5/6.
    So I am thinking it must be the routing options in iConfig, though I find it difficult to understand how iConfig is working..

    I tried to upload a screenshot in my first post, but it is uploading forever and not completing the pic upload..
  • And yeah, the help function in iConfig is not working either :(
  • Can you send a snap shot of your audio patchbay to jsandeen(at)
    Sorry, the upload feature is not working at this time - my bad on that.

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