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iConnectAudio4+ not working on USB jack 1 when using powered hub with host jack

edited April 2015 in Audio
It was initially working when I first got the unit - was able to update to the latest firmware, and use the device for a bit. Now I can't get port 1 to work at all/recognize any devices. Port 2 working fine. Have only used with supplied cables hooked up to a PC or my 2 ios devices.

Anything I can do?


  • OK - figured this one out. ICA didn't like the powered USB hub I had hooked up. Once I unplugged, Port 1 started working again. Hooked up another powered USB hub and everything seems to be working as expected.

    The powered hub that caused the problem was USB3 compliant, though connected with a USB2 cable:
    I'd used it with other PCs or for a hub with camera-kit connected iOS devices when using additional midi controllers.

    The hub that did work with the ICA4 was a cheap USB2-only one. I'm assuming the USB3/2 issue was the difference, though it would be good to know for sure.
  • I am glad you were able to figure out the issue. I am confident the issue is not USB 3 / 2 - probably just the low cost hub you were initially using. We have had issues in past with low cost USB hubs that do not properly manage grounding and shield grounding - this can cause signal quality issues and often communication retransmissions.

    You can also sometimes find USB cables that are not properly made which can also cause issues.

    We generally suggest our users invest a little more for their USB Powered hubs.
  • edited April 2015
    Actually - I don't consider the Startech hub that had the problem to be a low cost hub (~$60). It's one I'd been using with a rig designed for live use after a lot of research and trying 4-5 other higher quality hubs out. I had switched to it specifically to move up to something a bit sturdier, since most off the shelf hubs wouldn't stand up well to being mounted and transported. I was also using high quality cables with it. It has worked great for the last year with everything except the ICA4.

    It's actually the cheaper hubs that have been working for me with the ICA4, so far - all I had around when doing some tests after the Startech didn't work. I still want to upgrade to something better - so just wondered if there was something about the Startech specs that caused an incompatibility.

    Are there any specific hubs you have used with the ICA4 that you would recommend - especially any you'd consider more roadworthy (solid build, solid connectors, etc) for live use?
  • I personally use a hub by Belkin - Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Hub Model #F5U307, but now I am curious about the issue with the Startech hub - I am in the market for a USB 3.0 hub, can you shoot me over the model number and I will try it with our diagnostic tools. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

    The way I read above, you have a working solution, you just want to use a higher quality setup?
  • There's a link to the Startech hub in my initial message.

    Correct, I want a higher quality hub. I need a hub that is solid (heavy plastic or metal), somewhat easy to mount, with solid connectors aligned in a way that will be easier to keep USB cables connected without worry of disconnecting them during transport (if properly secured). Something like the Belkin one mentioned does not look like it fits in this category, though I've seen some from Plugable, Vantech and Startech that look like they do - though the Startech incompatibility concerned me.

    Not expecting you to know something that fits my specific needs, but if I'm going to spend $40-$100 on a high quality hub that seems like a fit, I'd like to know about anything that might cause it to be incompatible.
  • I looked into the hub you indicated (Startech one), and found a couple reviews indicating hub stopped working properly after a while. There is no reason it should not work. We are class compliant for both midi and audio, so should work. I will try to confirm more soon.
  • Mine still works fine with everything else, including the CCK with my iPad.

    That's OK. Was thinking there might be a specific known reason before buying something else.
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