Using a Yamaha keyboard with USB-MIDI jack?

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I just received the iConnectAudio (very excited) and have been very happy with my iConnectMIDI4+. However, both are not able to receive MIDI signals from my Yamaha CP5's USB-to-host MIDI port. I know that Yamaha's MIDI requires drivers on PCs/Macs, but is it possible for the iConnect devices to work with this connector as well for controlling apps on the iPad? Not a huge inconvenience either way, as it has MIDI Din connectors, but USB is just more convenient.

Appreciate anyone's insight.



  • There are some Yamaha keyboards that are supported on the host jack (not all of them though). But in general, the host jack wants to use USB-MIDI class compliant devices - so if the hardware requires a special driver from the manufacture, there's a good chance it's not supported by the host jack.

    In that case, you would want to use the DIN ports.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns,
  • I just received my iConnectMIDI4+ and I have the same problem with two keyboards.
    No communication between iConnectMIDI4+ and my YAMAHA S90XS with USB-to-Host MIDI port. The same with my MOTIF RACK YAMAHA.
    No problem with the KRONOS KORG !

    I will check the S90XS firmware but I'm afraid it's not the problem.
    As jsandeen said the iConnectMIDI4+ needs certainly a special driver from Yamaha.

    mayby in the next firmare ?


  • Hi
    I've just upgraded my Yamaha S90XS firmware from 1.02 to 1.06 but no communication as well. The desert!!
    Please mister iConnectivity do something for the people who are Yamaha devices :))
  • I know nothing about the S90xs, but if it's not class-compliant then unfortunately there's not much we can do. It's speaking its own language.
  • Hi,
    I've been testing for 4 days to get my Yamaha Motif XF8/XS7/S90-XS/01V96 get connected via USB. No chance! Very disappointing! 3rd-Party Software ( can connect via DIN but not Yamaha's Editor-Software (for Synths). Studio Manager works with DIN. Slower than USB but works.
  • Toc toc toc !!
    Hey mister iConnectivity you know Yamaha users is a big big family :)
    Can't you do something for us...
    Many many thanks in advance
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    Hey, then you also want to get your family together to shout at Yamaha about making their instruments USB Class Compliant like the rest of the world is! :) Tell little Yamaha the iConnectivity family is big!
  • But of course we hear you.
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