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Understanding MIDI and Audio Routing Using iConnectAUDIO4+

edited April 2015 in Audio
Hello there,

I'm thinking about getting a Audio4+, I'm actually reading the documentation, but I'm not sure about some stuffs...

1.If you use a usb HUB, on host usb jack port,will the devices pluged in, like any class compliant device, midi+audio or only midi, could be routed to the Ipad ?
Of course, if it's just midi controls, it won't get any sound, but maybe will play some internal Ipad synth.
Can I see all different midi channels and parameters for each device (I'm using midibridge also) in an App on IOS ?
Also, do I "see" the audio routing from each synth or usb device connected to the iPad ?

I think I'll plug my 4inx4 out midi interface pluged into my usb HUB also, to control the midi routing which is quite complex and setuped already.

2.If a non class compliant is pluged thru usb hub on host jack port, can I redirect the sound to my Mac Book Air (which has the correct drivers) then reroute the sound to the Ipad ?

I might be confuse things and concept, sorry for that, and thanks for your help.


  • edited April 2015
    1. The host jack will support (up to) 8 USB-MIDI class compliant devices when using a powered USB hub. You have a total of 8 MIDI ports in total on the host jack as well. Audio devices are not supported on the host jack.

    The device jacks are designed to support computing devices (OSX, iOS, or Windows). This is where you were connect your iPad in order to pass MIDI and audio back-and-forth using iOS apps. You will see the hardware as a 6in X 6out for audio routing. Some apps will be able to use all of the outputs and inputs, while others may only be able to use a few.

    Yes, you could connect the iConnectMIDI4+ to the host jack of the iConnectAUDIO4+ in order to use up to 8 MIDI ports from the iConnectMIDI4+.

    2. If you wanted to pass audio back-and-forth between the iPad and your Mac, you will do so within your DAW. If you needed to use multiple audio hardware at the same time, you would create an aggregate device on your OSX system.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns,
  • Thanks, I'm getting one... :)
  • Anytime. Welcome to the family!
  • Thanks bro :)
    Bought it, and received, but I'll be back in my country in July to finally play with it...
  • Good new. Let us know what you think when you get back.
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