[EditI IT'S BEEN OUT FOR A LONG TIME!] Release date for iConfig on iOS iConnectAUDIO4+?



  • There are a couple stereo mic units that seem to be able to work with camera aps but yours has been a challenge. The iphone sees it in one app, but not in others, but it has a delay, or the volume controls in the Audio+ unit don't affect the signal in the phone etc. etc..
  • If there is a video app for Iphone that will work with your unit I would sure love to know.
  • OjaiAlchemy, this thread titles "Is there a release date for updating iConfig on iOS to add iConnectAUDIO4+ support?" Perhaps it would make sense to start a new thread if you are around still.
  • This is old news I think, right? There's been a functional iConfig for iOS for ages.

    Obviously the controls on the unit do affect the levels, so I'm not sure what that was about.
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