Ipad pro and iconnectaudio2

I just bought the iconnect audio 2 and i'm trying to connect my ipad pro (using ios 9.3.2)
without any luck... unfortunatly the iconfig for audio on ipad is showing "no devices found"
Any support here please would be great since this is one of the main reasons that i choose to
buy this audio card at the first place.

One more thing i would like to address to the people at iconnectivity is that the support
on iconnectaudio2 is very (very) poor so far... I even tried to register the product on your page
and there isn't even as a choice on the drop down menu of the products.
You have a great product here please be more helpful to your costumers.



  • Exactly the same here.
    I bought this interface only to be able to use my Ipad pro in parallel with my laptop,
    but my Ipad doesnt recognize any device.

    Please help!!!
  • No problems with a Apple lightning lead from the 'iPad' socket on iconnect Audio2 to the iPad Pro and iPhone 5 - but I have iOS 10.0.2 (current latest).
    You not considering updating?
  • This may or may not help, and it's a workaround--not a solution, but it worked for me.

    Connect the iPad Pro to the iConnectAUDIO2+ using the usual lead and make sure the iConnect has been powered up for a few minutes. With the iConnect still powered and the iPad still connected, reboot your iPad. In my case, when it came up it recognised the iConnectAUDIO2+ and things _appear_ to work. although I've not fully tested.

    Still doesn't hotplug though, so as soon as you disconnect, it won't be recognises again until you reboot.
  • Thanks for the workaround! It solves the problem for me, but I'd really hope they get this fixed in the next firmware update! Very inconvenient...
  • Actually, this is getting worse. It's now constantly dropping the connection, which is infuriating in the studio, and impossible if I plan to use it live. Tried several different cables with no joy. I really can't reboot the ipad every time it decides to drop the connection. Time for a support ticket, I think... :(
  • I'm having this exact problem. I bought the iconnect audio 2 yesterday for a trip I'm taking tomorrow and my iPad will not recognize it. I cycled power many times, tried different cables etc. I'm running out of time to sp me on this. Maddening. And support looks to be weak by these folks so I guess I'm going to have to return it and buy a cheaper unit that works better. Big disappointment.
  • Actually support is pretty strong, flora.

    I'll try and get you an expedited answer...
  • Same probleme here. New iPad Pro does not find iconnectaudio 2+. @nickbatz @terminalbeach - did you receive an answer from support?
  • edited April 2017
    Yes, they're looking into this. Sorry for the delay, will be back...
  • I think this is dead now. Mine's going up for sale. :(
  • Are you guys running the iCA2+ with an external power supply? That usually solves this problem in our experience.
  • I have the iCA2+ with power supply and I'm stuck with a gig to play and can't. This sporadic connection is not working for me. And, no support whatsoever?? Are you kidding me?  Has anyone found a solution? I am so done with iConnectivity.
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