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Ipad Communication with Computer

Hello there. Recently bought iConnectAudio4 and was wondering if theres a way that my Ipad(Running programs like Logic Remote, Lemur) could comunicate to my Apple Macbook Pro. For now i have connected it to both usb ports and it only charges the device and receives midi. Do i have to connect it to the Host port for this to work the way i want it or do i have to route in a certain way.


  • In other words the Ipad would be sending midi signals to the computer through the interface
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    You would have the MacBook Pro connected to 'Device Jack 2' and the iPad (charging) connected to 'Device Jack 1'. The Host Jack is for USB-MIDI class compliant devices. When using the Device Jacks with computing devices, you are able to pass MIDI and audio back-and-forth between simultaneously between both devices.

    If you want to confirm the hardware is connecting to the iPad using the included iConnectivity cable, you can references the {Settings > General > About} menu (towards the bottom) - you will see the iConnectAUDIO4+ listed here.

    Let me know how I can assist further,
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