High pitched noise 60mins in using 1.10

I recently upgraded to v1.10 and I've noticed after about 60 / 90 mins the audio will cut out to just a high pitched noise. The only way to stop it is to power down and back on. Happened twice tonight...

Using Mac OS 10.11.1 & Live 9.6.1 (though it appears to be coming from the iCA4+ as when I switch off audio in Live the noise persists)

Any ideas?



  • Unfortunately I have no brilliant ideas, so please file a support ticket. This is an odd one, happening after all that time. It could almost be a power supply issue.

    Well, who knows. Please post back when it's solved!
  • I've suddenly started experiencing the exact same issue. iCA4+, ipad air2, mac osx 10.11.6, Ableton Live 9.6. Any resolution through the support ticket?
  • FYI, it does not seem to happen when using reaper. Might be a Ableton bug.
  • I wonder whether you're creating a feedback loop, or maybe triggering a MIDI note somehow?
  • I have similar issue. iPad and Windows laptop connected. Just playing a playlist and randomly goes to white noise with meters pegged. Only way to resolve is removing power and doing a hard reset. This is hard to explain to a corporate client when their walkin music changes to noise. No specific amount of time for failure. No adjustments being made that could have triggered to noise. Just music then noise. Love the unit when it works, but, can't rely on it for it's intended purpose.
  • HDL, please file a support ticket. If there's something going on, we want to know about it - which is not to say that there may not be an answer, I don't know.
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