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Totally frustrated. Iconfig help needed

Iconfig is not running correctly at all on my Windows 7 64bit system.
Every time i restart my computer the software seems to have changed.
I am now totally unable to see the audio mixer section as it is just a white screen and in the patchbay i have only 2 inputs on ica usb d1 mixer, and 4 inputs on ica usb d2 mixer, and only 2 inputs on ica analog I/O.
Also i can also tell that the outputs have changed.
All of this has led to my ICA2+ becoming totally unusable as i can now get no sound out of the thing at all.
I am now totally frustrated as i have no idea what to do and have posted two support tickets already and have so far not heard anything back.
I am already at the point after only a week where i am hoping i may be able to get a refund on this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • I'd say reinstall the software first of all.

    Then please reset the unit: push-hold the rotary knob until the LEDs go off, then release it. That wlll give you eight audio I/Os per USB Device Jack. The built-in mixer only has two inputs by default, but you can add more later if you need them, and you shouldn't need the mixer to get up and running.

    I'll send a note to support to find out what's going on. They're normally good about getting back.
  • Thank you so much for the reply Nick and sorry for the rant, it is genuinely not like me.
    I have done a complete reinstal of everything including the Microsoft Visual C++ and that seems to have done the trick it is all back up and running.
    The only issue I have now is that I seem to have line input noise of around -60 db going right across the spectrum range. I have put a ticket into support for this as can't see anyone else online with the issue.
    Again Nick thank you
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