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Hearing iPad on Windows 10

Greetings all. I have had my MIDI4+ connected to my iMAC and have moved it to my Windows 10 box. Everything looks good except I cannot find how to channel the iPad Audio (Audio Passthru) to W10. What I'm wanting to do is be able to play Sound FX and Music from the iPad and hear them on the PC when I play on sites like Roll20 or the like (I use a microphone now thru my AudioBox). I'm trying to avoid hooking a cable into the headphone jack on the iPad and back into the AudioBox as this causes a lot of line noise. Either I'm overlooking something or it's just not possible to do what I'm trying to do. Any positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :)


  • I'm not sure whether the ASIO4all driver will see the iConnectMIDI4+ and the built-in Windows audio as a single, combined audio interface (the actual term is an aggregate interface). But CoreAudio, the built-in Mac OS X audio system, will.

    In other words, you may have an easier life going back to your previous setup. But I'm afraid I don't know. You may want to file a support ticket and ask them that question.
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