[RESOLVED see thread for solution] iConfig hangs on Windows with mio10 used to work with iCM4+

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I'm having the dreaded hanging iConfig blank screen/not responding problem on Windows 10. This is happening since I've swapped my two iCM4+'s for a mio10 (it also happened with my iCM2+). I've reinstalled iConfig, trying both 4.2.0 and 4.2.1 with no success. I filed a support ticket yesterday but no answer so far. At least with the iCMs I could use an iOS device as backup configuration but that's not available with the mio.
Any suggestions?


  • Something else: if I plug both the mio10 and an iCM4+ into the PC, iConfig works fine. It only hangs with only the mio10
  • Please contact support (file a ticket). I have ideas about this, but I don't have a setup to test what's going on and don't want to send you on a wild goose chase.
  • I filed a ticket a couple of days ago, still waiting for an answer. I'm starting to think that somehow Windows "remembers" the iCM4+ as its sound device (the little speaker icon in the task bar gets crossed out when the iCM is unplugged) and iConfig takes its cues from Windows. I'm not familiar enough with Windows to work out how to cause Windows to reset its sound device settings and forget about the iCM4+
  • Fixed it. I updated the driver for my sound card (MOTU 828 mk3). That removes the iCM4+ as the sound device Windows was expecting and now iConfig works with the mio without having the iCM connected. Crazy stuff
  • Ah, great. Thanks for the follow-up, timespy
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