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I don't understand the naming of Inputs and Outputs

Hi there

I love my iConnect MIDI4+....i just have one problem that's doing my head in a bit...I'm sure it is something conceptual so please help me to understand

In MIDI Port Filters.... you have an Input and an Output section at the top of the left column

Let's say I want to make sure that my old Korg mono/Poly with MIDI mod does not receive any program is on DIN 1 and labelled Mono/Poly....example 1

as a second example let's say I don't want my Korg nanoPad2, reserved on the USB hub (Host) Port 3 , to send any note information to the Mono/Poly

In MIDI Port Filters I go the Mono/Poly on Din 1 in the left column....almost at the very bottom.... and select it ....I want to filter program changes at its input so I choose Input at the top of the column and enable the filter across all 16 channels....doesn't work. However if I select Output at the top of the column the filter works

Similarly in example 2 ...I select the nanoPad2 in the USB Host in the left column...I select Output at the top as i want to filter its note output...I enable the channels of Note....again no result...but again...if I switch to Input at the top of the column i can filter the note output of the nanoPad2

IOW the Input/Output selector at the top of the left column works in reverse to the way I expect it to

i can't get my head around how I am supposed to think about this....can you explain your concept here please?

Also it is frustrating that all the devices can't be named, the USB hub is always called host and I can't change it, and in all the routing windows the names don't appear...i have to keep referring back to the MIDI Info window to remember which is the right number for each instrument.

Always looking at Host, Devices and Port numbers gets very tiring...any chance you could make it clearer by having the names patched of everything through to all windows please?

Thanks a lot for your help




  • sorry....but also in the same the MIDI Info page.....if I want to disable any input into the nanoPad2 on Host 3 I have to disable the Output checkbox...not the Input checkbox.... If I disable Input the nanoP stops outputting any info...again it just seems totally reversed to the way i would understand it
  • OK I know it's just the reverse....I think I got my head around it wories
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