Never a clean signal with the device

I can't ever get a clean signal from the iCA4+. If I set the Clock Source to Internal then the iPad clicks and pops but my Mac plays ok. If I set the clock to USB 1 (iPAD) it still clicks and pops but the Mac is ok. If I set it to USB2 (Mac) then the iPAD plays ok but the Mac's audio slowly starts to distort / glitch to the point where it's just noise and then it slowly goes back to normal but is 0.5 second out in latency (weirdly this doesn't happen playing sound from the Mac OS - only in the DAW)

So basically in all 3 clock modes I have some kind of distortion. It's been like this from the start but I just put up with it as I didn't use my iPAD much for audio. But now that I want to this issue rears it's head again.

I thought this had been fixed :-/



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