Occasional hangups and frozen iConfig - OSX 10.10.3

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Hello, I've just received my iConnectAudio4+ and I'm really happy with it so far. But sometimes the iConfig utilitty on my Macbook freezes while playing keyboard - sometimes the complete box hangs and have to be rebootet. It seems to be relatet to the connectet USB-midi Keyboard. (Oxygen 49 MKIV), directly connectet to the USB-host port. Affter disconnecting the keyboard I've set up a loop in Cubasis on my ipad air 2 and it plays flawlessly for aroound an hour now. My air is connectet to port 1, macbook to port 2. (OS-X 10.10.3) With the keyboard connectet it takes usually less than 10 minutes playing (testet with korg gadget) until the level-meters in the mixer-view of iConfig starting to freeze, or thee iCA4+ hangs up completely. Is this a known problem? Should I buy a powered USB-hub for the Oxygen?


  • I would like to add, that the firmware in the iCA4+ is the most recent. Wenn iConfig becomes unrespnsive, I can just close an restart iConfig, when the iCA4+ freezes, I have to restart the device.
  • Try running the keyboard on a powered USB hub. I think that the host port was intended to be used with one instead of directly connecting to the ICA4+
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    Hey @Bloom,

    Can you please confirm what firmware version and iConfig version you are running?

    Also, does the hardware lock up when you are not using iConfig? Does iConfig freeze when you are performing a particular action or is it at random after 10mns?

  • Firmware is 1.0.6. iConifg is 4.0.3. The box hangs while I'm playing keyboard , not using iConfig - most times the last played note got stuck and iConfig reports a connection-problem. If this happens, I have to power-cycle the box. More often the level-meters in iConfig are freezing but iCA4+ is still working - in this case, I only have to quit and restart iConfig.
  • I should mention that 10 minutes is the maximum until the box was frozen - sometimes it was only a couple of seconds/few minutes. I've closed Gadget and tried Magelan Synth and the box hang up right away. No problems without a the keyboard so far. Power consumption of my M-Audio Oxygen MKIV schuld be way bellow 500ma - it runs flawlessly direclty connected to my CCK.
  • Right now, I have my oxygen connected and am running Cubasis on my ipad. iConfig is open and it runs pretty well. I don't know if the freezing/hanging could be app-related - yesterday I've got the problems with gadget and magelan synth. Somewhat weired - I try to investigate it further during the day. I really hope that it is only a software-issue, cause I'm having really much fun with the iCA4+ - fantastic device! :)
  • What I've done yesterday, before going to bed, was resetting the iCA4+ to factory-defaults. I did not changed the setting, apart from mixer-levels - only to make sure, that nothing was messed up somehow. Mixer still up and running. :)
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    Sorry for that many posts.. but now iConfig is frozen again. Level-meters got stuck, after triggering rapidly notes on the keyboard. In this case, iconfig becomes completely unrespnsive, but no error-message - changing pages (to patchbay eg.) gives a blank page. iCA4+ still working and responds to midi-events from my oxygen.
    When I choose "Switch Devices" in iConfig, it is working again.
    Now after pressing multiple keys on the oxygen at once in a very "unmusic" way :) the box hang up - iConfig says communication error - same as yesterday, I fear. I try it with a powered hub later.
  • Ok- now I'm clueless. I've connected a powered hub - but also encountered a frozen box, while modulating a tone via pitch-wheel on my oxygen. The tone hangs in this case, iConnect gives communication-error and I have to power cycle my iCA4+. Any other things, I can try?
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    SORRY!!! - Somehow I've accidentally installed an older version of iconfig. (4.0.6). I've installed 4.1.0 now. The hang-up's and freezes where only, when iConfig was running - so it could be that (hopefully). I try it again now. ...But I've just encountered freezing meters with 4.1.0 also - no iCA4+-hangups till now.
  • Bloom, next time iConfig seems to freeze, please try to adjust a gain using the cap touch and knob. Let me know if the adjustment works. We have an Oxygen in office and we can try to recreate tomorrow.

    Thanks for working with us to resolve.
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    When iconfig freezes, the iCA4+ is working and responsive to gain changes with the knob. Freezing occurs usually when I trigger some more midi events with modulation wheel in less than 30 seconds. Again - the box still works fine than - but the level-meters in iconfig are frozen and when I try to change a page in iconfig, they are all blank. Restarting iconfig or clicking on "Switch Devices" in brings it back to normal working condition. Since updating from 4.0.6 to 4.1.0 the box doesn't hang up anymore but it is not so long ago - so I'm not sure. But since the update I have only the problem with iconfig freezing, till now I was not able to trigger a hangup of iCA4+ with midi events. If this is a software issue, I think it will get resolved, I only want to make sure, my iCA4+ is not defective. Thanks for your help!
  • Perhaps worth mentioning is, that sound output from my macbook over iCA4+ still works fine, when iconfig is frozen.
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    Another thing: When the level-meters in iconfig are frozen, I can still adjust the levels within iconfig and can hear the change in volume. But the level-meters still won't update and when I change a page, to "Audio Info" for example, they are blank. After this I can't switch back to the audio mixer, because I also get a blank page. And the freezing seems only to occur, when midi events are hitting the iCA4+.
  • Now I've gotten a hang up of the iCA4+ again. iConfig said "Communication error" and midi stopped working. But audio routing was still intact, just the communication with iConfig and midi stopped working. I still was beeing able to play Sunrizer on my ipad via onscreen keyboard. All this with a powered hub. When iCA4+ is in this state, only hard-resetting seems to help.
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    I've tested some other things - hope that helps: Connected my iPhone to device port one, instead of the ipad. Same thing - occassional freezes of iconfig level-meters or not as often, hangups of iCA4+ with lost connection to iConfig and midi does not work anymore. I'va also changed the device ports - iphone on port 2, macbook on port 1. This gives also frozen meters when triggering lot of midi with my oxygen, but until now no iCA4+- hangups, but I've tested it not for long.

    To summarize all this:

    - I've got frozen meters in iconfig with iPad or iphone, regardless on which device port they where connected, as soon as more massive midi-data from my oxygen arrives. But i can still adjust levels in iConfig as well as with the knob on the box. Restarting iConfig helps in this case.

    - sometimes (not so often) the iCA4+ "hangs up", which means audio-data ist still beeing routed but midi will not beeing routed anymore, iConfig looses conection and I can't adjust levels with the knob on the box anymore. Also the 8-field touchscreen on the box doesn't work anymore. But I can still reset the box with the knob - what I have to do in this case to get it to work again. Playing an iOS-synth via touchscreen still works. This hangup always happened with iconfig runnig and connected but I've not tried it that long without - for me it seems to be related.

    - I've tried it without and with 2 different powered hubs.

    I really hope, it's only a firmware/iconfig-issue and I don't have to return my iCA4+ because of a more serious defect with my unit.
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    Ok - tested it with an other midi device. A Fatar SL-880 via USB-MIDI converter connected to the USB-host port on iCA4+. (powered hub is also involved) The level-meters on the iConnect-tool are also freezing with some pitchbend-wiggeling on the fatar. So it doesn't seem to be my oxygen, but a more basic issue. My macbook is a late 2010 air with 4GB RAM. My iCA4+ is hardware revision 1.0. Any ideas?
  • Bloom - thanks for the multiple inputs, please give me today to check some stuff out. Will get back to you late today.
  • Thank you Mikel - looking forward to it!
  • Bloom - I have more thoughts to try if you do not mind, but I would prefer to communicate through our support ticket system - can you please submit a ticket at www.iconnectivity.com/support and provide ticket number. If you have already submitted ticket, just provide ticket number.

  • I will also be opening a support ticket for very similar problems when using A4+ with Windows instead of Mac, plus iPads. Crashes, hangs, USB audio crackles/pops which worsen over time and arent fixed by changing buffers/latency. I'm too busy right now to devote more time to this but will open a ticket in the next 48 hours when my workload has eased a bit.
  • Diggo - if similar, then yes please submit ticket. Please also answer question, does issue only occur when you connect iPad?
  • Hello Mikel! I've just created a ticket.
  • Hi MikeL
    Just a quick response (I'm on deadline workwise, but my DAW is rendering right now) I'm using A4+ and M4+ as per this thread:

    I'm using the two iConnect devices for live performance where iPads are the main computing devices. I'm only using the Windows device to access A4+ because there is no iOS app yet for A4+.

    I have tried removing the M4+ from the system, which effectively removes one of my two iPads if I keep the Windows device connected (A4+ can only manage two host devices, whereas M4+ can manage three).

    I havent tried it without an iPad connected because that seemed a bit pointless - aside from freezes and crashes, the main problems I've encountered have been related to USB digital audio channels, which requires two devices. I'm guessing you are asking if the problems occur when using the Windows device alone (i.e. no iPads connected), routing the output to A4+ analogue outs. I'll try that tomorrow when I'll have more time and I'll lodge a detailed ticket with pics and maybe some video.

    I've also seen frequent "communication error" popups as per other posts in this thread.

    iConfig seems to do an online check every time it loads - this is bit much - is there a way to set it for manual update checking only i.e. instigated by the user?


  • Good news gents - Designers were able to reproduce the iConfig hang issue in our lab this AM. They are working on getting to the root cause. Stay tuned.

    Thanks again for all the data to help us reproduce.
  • Wow - thats really good news! Will this also address the occasional hangups of iCA4+, when midi data comes in, where I have to do a reset?
  • UPDATE: We found a potential firmware issue causing data from iCA4 to iConfig (MIDI) to become corrupted - we are investigating two things, first of course potential fix to firmware to remove corruption and second to improve iConfig error handling.

    Stay tuned. Thanks again for those who helped us find this issue.
  • Could you please give me a feedback, if this firmware issue can also drive the iCA4+ to hang up, when I have to do a hard reset? I only want to make sure, that my iCA4+ isn't defective, so I can relax, and wait for a firmware-fix? Many thanks!
  • Bloom, pretty sure it is going to be a firmware fix to resolve your issue. Regardless, our warranty will cover you.
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    Does this mean, you have not encountered hang-ups of the iCA4+ itself, but only of config, MikeL?
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