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[Feature Request] Increase # of MIDI controller remaps to 32 (min)

So, Like many i am sure I am wishing to use the iconnectmidi4 as the centrepiece of a computer free live & studio rig.. as part of this i have a groovebox synth/sequencer/controller (in this case its a MC-909) that can output a sizeable number of CC's from its knobs, buttons and sliders.
These i would plan to remap at the DIN output and DIN input for (say) a Virus, Mopho and Nova II synth such that the Controller can affect the same parameters on each synth, selected by either port or channel.

As I was starting on this today with great enthusiasm, however I noticed that currently iConfig only allows the remapping of 8 CC's.. which is pretty inadequate for this purpose.

As i truly think this is not simply my unique case, and that more and more users are looking for standalone setups, I would strongly request that the limit of 8 be increased to a minimum of 32 at least for the DIN ports.

Note, if there is resource issue that prevents this from taking place on all ports, pls understand that the computer based ports can easily use midiOX or similar for the same task and that its the DIN ports that really need this support.

regards, Ian


  • Duly noted, thanks for the feedback.

    There may be a way of routing a 16-channel DIN MIDI port to a USB 16-channel MIDI port, using its eight remappings, and routing it back. I'd have to sober up before trying to figure that out, though...
  • Thanks Nick for the reply and the consideration.. i think at least it shows i made i valid (or at least legible) case?

    fwiw, the combined total of remaps for the box i don't think would need to be increased if there was (say) a resource/memory issue related to the total # of ports and # of remaps, as having the same # of total remaps available for the entire box would be fine if they were (say) in a resource pool to be independently allocated vs fixed 8/port... (if that makes sense)..

    Interested in your possibilities of itb usb port loopback as a workaround.. particularly since it means i *don't* have to buy a

    thx, ian
  • Sorry the delay, Mystic. I haven't had a chance to poke around.
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