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Direct Monitoring of Audio Inputs Standalone without computer ?

edited May 2015 in Audio
When using the iCA4+ without a computer, if the inputs are routed to the outputs directly or through the analog mixer, is it still being processed by the DSP or is it pure analog no latency hardware monitoring ?


  • Yes, it still goes through our ADC to DAC. Latency through our system is fixed around 1.7 ms.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns,
  • Thanks, my plan is to replace my small analog mixer with the iCA4+ and run 2 hardware synths to it and then output to an amp. 1.7ms is quite reasonable !
  • We've had guitar players plug their Hi-Z straight into the preamp, route to the iPad for amp modeling, and back out the box for monitoring. They were very impressed with the speed of the interface - especially when you have audio and MIDI routing back and forth between computing devices similtaniously.

    It's a beast!
  • Can't wait to get mine :) Is the wait time long when ordered directly from you ? I ordered at the beginning of the week. My local dealer was actually more expensive than going through the website...
  • So you have already ordered using our website? Did you get shipping confirmation from us?
    You should have an account that is created and sent to you via email, where you can login and see the status.

    Although, you can send me an email to jsandeen(at) with your details and I can check with e-commerce team, if needed.

    Otherwise, you can check out there following link to see where to buy our interfaces:

    Let me know if you have any other concerns.
  • Hi,

    Yes I got the email confirmation, however when I try to login it says my account has not been activated or is blocked, I'll send you a mail. Thanks !
  • Got it - and have forwarded to my e-commerce team for resolution.
  • I was able to login thanks !
  • Awesome. Sorry for the hang up.
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