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Crackling noise, while powering on interface with power supply.

edited May 2015 in Audio
Hi, when I switch on my iCA4+ it sends a loud crackling noise into my speakers/headphone. Normally I turn down the volume, before witching on, to save my loudspeakers but sometimes I forget to do it. Do you see a chance to eliminate this with a firmware-modification? I don't know if only the headphone-jack is affected by this, cause currently I'm using only this jack to connect headphone, or speaker.


  • Are you referring to a DC pop when connecting the interface's power supply while the speakers are on?
    You should not have any issue when using the hardware power cycle command (pushing the rotary knob).

    Otherwise, you will want to turn your powered speakers on last and the first off when powering down.
    Some power conditioners have stage switches for this particular reason.

    Let me know if that is not the case and you need additional assistance.
  • I mean the pop when connecting the DC power supply. If I power-cycle via the knob there is no pop. Ok - so I have to turn down volume on my amp before switching off the AC-suppy. Thanks!
  • Yeah, you will just want to practice that. It's common with electronics, not just our interface.

    Personally, I have a monster power supply with a three stage power up and power down - which is great since i have some hardware that does not have a power on button at all - only a power plug.

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