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Windows ASIO drivers - latency results and performance

Is there anywhere I can get to know ASIO parameters, posibilities of latency settings and performance tests ? The manual does not have any PrintScreen of ASIO control panel and description about it. I would be grateful for this information. Thanks.


  • The latency inside the iConnectAUDIO4+ from audio source to audio destination (regardless if going through internal mixer or not) is fixed to approximately 1.7ms. We license the same ASIO system as many other audio interfaces and are assured best possible performance by the vendor.

    The ASIO Control Panel allows selecting USB Streaming Mode which we generally recommend Safe and of course ASIO Buffer Size which defaults to Auto. You can select buffer sizes starting at 64 samples and doubling up through 128, 256, etc. up to 32768 samples.

    Hope this helps.
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