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Midi Clock not powerfull enough for certain use

edited May 2015 in MIDI
I had the unpleasant surprise to discover this after i bought the unit.
It won't drive a TR808 or any machine using sync24 through a doepfer MSY2, even if the doepfer is powered.
Also the midi won't pass thru if you plan to use a midi thru such as the quadra thru by midi solutions.
3v is today's standard but the old machine need at least 5V.
For example my AMT8 from early 2000 is sending a 7 to 8v.
So people planning to use it this way be warned.
We contacted the company about this going thru french distribution and for the moment there is not fix and no real answer.
this is also the case with the other midi interface by Iconnectivity.


  • Hey krikor,

    Sorry for any trouble you are encountering with your interface's sync. Could you please create a ticket for us so that we have all of your details properly documented for escalation.

    Appreciate your patience,
  • Hello,
    All the details were already transferred via the French distribution people.
    I just wanted to inform the user that if they planned to use it like I planned it won't work.
  • In my band we use a Quadra Thru from MIDI solutions, however the Quadra Thru gets its power from the master device which we use to send MIDI Clock to the Quadra Thru (Boss RC-505). This works fine with iCA4+ and iCM4+ in our setup as they are downstream from the Quadra Thru.
  • The problem is not when the iconnectmidi receives midi Diggo but when it sends it in a classic environment computer usb/lan -> iconnectmidi -> doepfer/midithru -> 808/drum machine
  • Yep, understood that. Was just pointing out it depends on location in the chain for devices like the Quadra Thru which need power from the incoming cable. In other words, the Quadra Thru isnt completely incompatible with iCM4+ or iCA4+, in case any readers drew that conclusion.
  • I can confirm that iConnectivity products do not supply power (a feature not supported by standard) to downstream devices. If you need to have a MIDI powered device downstream of your iConnectivity product, you can purchase a power injector like this one:

    Hope that clears up some confusion. Let me know if you have any other concerns.
  • edited May 2015
    My main problem is that It doesn't even work with the doepfer MSY2 being powered up by it's own 9v adaptor.
    Any midi system I used was driving it. Even the crappy Motu ones.
    So i think you should really reconsider the voltage of your output for the next version of your devices.
    Also have you made some test on your side with such an injector and the MSY2 or such devices? Can you confirm that it sets things right?
    I can understand the fact that it doesn't work with the midi thru that is a passive adapter but it is no the case of the MSY2.
  • That was more of a general statement from the Dev team concerning the voltage spec, not necessarily specific to using the MSY2.

    Perhaps the MSY2 requires a certain spec on the input regardless if the power supply is bein used? Just a thought.
  • I understand, but honnestly as a user, I think the Dev Team should really look into the old AMT8 and Unitor8 specs.
    Otherwyse reagrding the MSY2, I don't know what specs it requires, but all i know is that it works nicely with all the midi interface I've tried (Motu, RME from audiocard, AMT8, crappy no driver midi in and out...)
    We really miss a rock solid interface around, it being a small compact inferface for live or a big one for studios. Today I brought back the IconnectMidi4+ to the store and got the 2+ instead, I will mainly use it for Ipad audio over USB, and a few midi thing but not as I first planned with the 4+.
  • We appreciate the feedback for sure @krikor - I have stressed your concerns with our CTO. Supplying power to downstream devices via MIDI DIN is not in the standard - so it may vary by product. Our products will need power injectors in this situation. Although, It's something I can recommend for future builds.

    Thanks for taking the time to write to us.
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