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Agregated system in OSX

I noticed that using the audiopassthru in an agregated device on OSX requires a lot of power.
I'm on a 2009 macpro 2.66 quadcore 12giga of ram, system is on a SSD, I use a RME madi usb in the agregated device.
When using the RME alone i can go down to 64 or 128 buffer in a mixing session with mainly UAD plugins, but in the same session using the agregated device i need to boost it to 2048 to get a clean signal.
Anybody noticed that?


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    You may want to reach out to the RME support team to see if others are experiencing the same when using aggregate on the same OS version. I see that your interface has a special driver for OSX, so the aggregate implementation may have an affect on what you are experiencing. They would know more about that though.

    In general, you may see a latency difference when pairing hardware together compared to the interface running outside of Aggregate of ASIO4ALL (Win).

    Let me know if you have any other concerns,
  • It was not so hard on the buffer when I did an agregated device with some other audio interface. But that will do it for me like this and I will switch back to only RME interface when finished with the recordings. it is just not very convenient that's it. Best k
  • The latency is quite high off course, but it manageable in ableton. in logic it's a bit more painful.
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    I hear you. You may want to drop the RME team a support inquiry. They could potentially assist using future driver updates if it seem to be specific with that interface/OS, so it's worth a try.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with, or feel free to create a new thread in the future.

    Wish you the best.
  • I very much doubt that there are any issues solely attributable to RME - those guys are the long established global masters of low latency audio. I've been using RME technology in multiple pro audio environments since 1997 without any significant issues, particularly regarding low latency audio.

    Given iConnectivity doesnt build Win ASIO drivers in-house, it seems a red herring to point towards RME for solutions in this case IMO. On Win, iConnectivity has chosen to rely on a mature but somewhat neglected (and without any direct end user support) third party solution. That decision is bound to have consequences when things don't work a expected. I'm not saying it was a terrible decision (particularly from a cost perspective), I'm just saying the reliance on ASIO4ALL makes it harder for end users to obtain useful support when something doesnt work as expected.
  • Hey Diggo,

    Wasn't trying to point the finger at RME - sorry if it came off that way, It was just a suggestion.
    The extra latency in ASIO4ALL is typically just the hardware pairing in general (even though you may have better audio buffering options). You could test this by using ASIO4ALL and your RME - without the iConnectMIDI4+ being used in the ASIO4ALL hardware panel. And then vice versa.

    There is no special driver for iConnectMIDI4+ because the dev team was able to achieve the performance desired using the built-in WDM.
    ASIO4ALL would actually still be required if we had our own ASIO driver and you wanted to pair the hardware - this is how iConnectAUDIO4+ would be setup. iConnectAUDIO4+ does have an USB 2.0 ASIO driver for Windows, but it does not have multi-client/hardware merging implemented through our driver.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns.
  • I can't test it on a PC on my side I use a Mac with 10.6.8 and 10.10.3
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    You can do a similar test with and without using an aggregate device setup to see any latency differences in the interface's performance - which you kind of stated in your initial post. If you have a special driver for the interface on OSX, the aggregate support gets built-in to the driver. That is why you will see some interfaces that will not show up in aggregate device.

    So It's still worth reaching out to RME with any feedback to their driver while being paired in Apple's aggregate device.
  • well I run a 2009 macbook(8Gb ram/SSD) and 2013 mac mini(16Gb/SSD) with only dual core's - And all's fine @ 128 in Ableton with iCM4+ & RME babyface as an agregated device in both. Under 5ms latency,
  • Appreciate the feedback @wildaudio.
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