Inputs 1 and 2 with DI box

Forgive (and feel free to correct) any newbie misunderstandings:

I have the ICA4+ and am currently running the main outs of my mixer into line inputs 3 and 4 on the ICA4+. Can I route the mixers sub outs to the mic inputs 1 and 2 on the ICA4+ if I run them through a DI box to increase the functionality?

I've spent a while looking at this and as far as I can tell the only issue would be additional noise from attenuating then amplifying the signal again. If this works or there are better ways to get 4 line inputs on the ICA4+ please share! 


  • You should be able to connect line signals to the 1/4" jacks in the center of the combo inputs, forehead. Ins 1&2 are set up for instrument-level signals, but they should work with line-level ones as well.
  • excellent, thanks for your guidance. I had read that impedance mismatching was a bad thing so I avoided the 1/4" inputs on 1&2, my understanding on the topic is poor so your reassurance has been gratefully received.
  • So, before I ask the same thing, did this work out for you? where youabel to use input 1&2 with normal line level? greets _k
  • Line level signals are louder than Instrument level, so putting Line levels into an Instrument level input is not ideal. However if you keep the Gain control on the interface low, and be careful not to send too strong a signal in, you should normally be ok in a pinch.

    Using a DI box to convert to Mic level XLR is probably the preferred route, so if you have a couple of DI boxes laying around you should try that instead. That's what they are made for :-)
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