iConfig beta releases May 4th

New iConfig beta releases for both MacOS and Windows today! You can download them from:


Fixes include:

• UpdateFirmWareDialog Cancel button will now allow you to cancel updating in case of problems
• Timeout progress shows the update progress every 10 seconds
• If updating takes longer than 30 seconds, then it will stop and the dialog will close
• Firmware Check Frequency menu is removed and there is no auto FW checking setting anymore. Update Firmware can now only be chosen manually.
• New "Switch Device" UI design
• Improved error message handling with more informative contents
• Fixed a situation which could cause a crash (thanks to BT for helping us find this one - go buy his records, he’s great!)
• Fixed some internal crash issues in Bootloader mode

We have found in testing so far that this version seems very stable, however as always with public beta releases use at your own risk!

Please upload any feedback you have, all input is very useful.

May the Force be with you!



  • Thank you for the update. Startup is still slow on my PC with Windows 7 (64): 23 seconds to find my (only USB audio) device (iCA4+). (That's still much longer than iConfig before 4.2.4; why?

    I found one bug: 
    When I choose (in de main menu) Device -> Switch Devices: the Device Selection dialog appears and when I hit Cancel there (with the Esc-key or by clicking the Cancel button), the program crashes!

    NB. iConfig's About window (Help -> About) still shows version 4.2.4. (should be 4.2.5 beta).
  • Thank you so much for the feedback, we will get that fixed asap!
  • I also have _exactly_ 23 second startup delay with iConfig 4.2.5b1 & Mio4. Win7 64 bit, two midi interfaces (Fireface UC & MIO4). This sounds very much like some loop in the code has a timeout that has to expire before it continues.
  • Thanks for the verification Antti. We are hoping to have a new beta out next week - hopefully that will solve this problem! 

    We really appreciate the help you guys are giving us with this stuff, keep the reports coming!
  • Hello @rodney_iConnectivity, I would use and experiment with iConfig much more often if there were UNDO and REDO functionality buttons (or menu-items) on the Audio Patchbay page! I suggested this a very long time ago, but it never was implemented. It's so easy to do something 'wrong' in that patchbay....
    Also: how about preset-management for iConfig for Audio for IOS (iPad) (and other suggestions that several users did to make that app more usable)?  
  • edited May 2017
    I Agree with Haropus completely..the interface is terribly hard to figure..the patchbay is awful..the mixer section is difficult to follow (understatement) ..and the text very difficult to read.  Really it is terrible...please fix that for us.  I so often wont to burn my Audio4+. The start up time is ridiculous...and you never know what preset you have got happening until you get one that works...it should list the current preset. This should be easy..the device is brilliant..but you really need to get the software interface happening.

  • You guys will be happy to know that I totally agree with you :-)

    We have recently started on a complete rewrite of our configuration software. It will take a little while before that's ready, so in the meantime we will still be releasing updates to iConfig so that it becomes at least a little less clunky than it is now.

    Your feedback is very welcome and I'll be continually collecting it and taking it into account as we build out the new software.

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