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constant tone issue with some new iConnectAudio4+ units

edited March 2018 in Audio
We have had reports from some users who have recently bought iConnectAudio4+ units that their interface is producing a constant tone at around 2 kHz when it is switched on. After testing we have found that this issue only affects a small batch of units with serial numbers between 000011A7 and 0000139B and is because of a faulty firmware being loaded at the factory. It is not a hardware fault with the unit itself

If you have one of these units, the problem should be easily fixed by simply installing the latest firmware. Just follow this procedure to fix:
  1. Uninstall any version of iConfig older than 4.2.5
  2. Download iConfig from
  3. Download firmware for your device from (note this is a .MID file)
  4. Run iConfig, go to Device -> Upgrade Firmware From Local Drive and install the firmware file you just downloaded
  5. Your device should go into bootloader mode (flashing yellow lights on the front panel), install the firmware, and restart itself. 
  6. If not, check you are connected the correct USB port on your device (only one of the USB ports will work for firmware loading). Choose a different port and try again.
  7. When your device has reset, check under the Device Info tab in iConfig that the new firmware version has been installed. 
This should give you a pristine interface the way it was supposed to be :-)

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. Do let us know if you have one of the affected units and still have any issues after following the procedure above.



  • edited June 2017
    The list of serial numbers of possibly affected units is here. For some bizarre reason we number our boxes in hexadecimal instead of decimal, hence the strange format of the numbers... You can search the list to see if your unit might be among them, but you'll probably know anyway if you switch it on and a loud tone comes out :-)
  • Rodney,

    Just now I've realized this announcement and noticed it was edited March 27. This noise you mean is from the device it self or some input? I've always noticed a noise at the unit, but never looked for what frequency was that and just assumed was the build quality from the device *as I'm having trouble since I bought it*.

    My iConfig is 4.5.6 and my Firmware right now is 2.0.2.
    Do I need to still need to do this procedure?

  • No, this procedure was for a corrupted firmware install at the factory on a small batch of units, that meant a very LOUD high pitched noise was coming out of them when switched on. You would know it if you heard it! If you have firmware 2.0.2 installed it should be fine.

    If you are getting some other sort of low-level noise, that's unusual too, and shouldn't be happening. What are the exact symptoms?

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