iConfig 4.2.6 beta for Windows

...and now the latest beta version for Windows. As with the Mac version, this one brings back an improved version of our automatic firmware updater. Please test and let us know ow it works for you!


  • No its not working , this is without any doubt the worst driver stuff I have come across in years.  I am stuck on 1.1.  I tried 4.2.5 but it times out and says to check my usb1 port is connected to p.c. Tried the 4.2.6 beta...same stuff.   Why do you confuse people with these file numbers too, I dont understand.  Why not just list them as the Firmware number they are are...really silly I think. Can you help please.

    Thanks Martin

  • Hi Martin,

    iConfig is not driver software and it's not firmware, it's our configuration software for all of our products. You can use iConfig to load firmware for any of our products, but each product requires different firmware, that's why they all have different version numbers. 

    You don't need drivers for our products on Mac, and for Windows we have separate driver downloads, because that's a different thing completely.

    What interface are you trying to update?
  • Hello Rodney, are there any release notes for iConfig 4.2.6 beta? Because I like the fact that the 'automatic firmware updater' was abandonded in 4.2.5 and now it's back! Why? Because I like to choose myself if I want to update or not, etc. And now it maybe takes longer then it already does to start the program? 
    Has anybody tried it yet? (I wait and see...)

    ps. the current release notes on the download-page are outdated (and scrambled text by the way).
  • No release notes for 4.2.6 beta yet, I hope to have those early next week. 

    Automatic firmware updater is back, but considerably modified. If you don't like it, go to Device - Firmware Check Frequency and set it to Never Automatically. Problem solved.

    We decided to bring it back by default because of the recent issue with some iCA4+s inadvertently leaving the factory with faulty firmware installed. This way new users will get that faulty firmware replaced automatically instead of frantically worrying about why their new interface doesn't work.

    Hopefully the current solution works out for everyone now - but your feedback is very welcome, thank you! Keep it coming - it's very useful for improving the current iConfig and also help inform us about things we are working on for the new software ;-)
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