Help with connection setups for ios and windows

I just purchased the iconnect audio4. I have read the white papers and the user manual and I am still a little unclear on connection routing. Here is my scenario:
I have some guitar amp apps on a new ipad mini that I would like to use in my windows(8.1) laptop. I am using cubase 8. I would like to connect my guitar into the analog input 1 or 2 on audio4+. Then I would like to have it routed through one or two channels into the ipad then into my DAW and also have an unprocessed signal go directly into my DAW, so I can use the internal VST plugins. Then out of my DAW to the four analog outputs. How would i accomplish this within audio4+, please be specific on routing setup. Thank you


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    Before diving in:

    Is the interface being properly recognized by your computer and the iPad (settings > general > about)?

    Are you using the default setup on iConfig's audio patchbay? If so, the first four inputs will automatically be routed to both computing devices via inputs (1-4) (you will see this in the audio patchbay - sources to destinations is the reference. For guitar or bass, you would want to connect to one of the first two input jacks on the interface.

    Are you seeing the interface as input and output options in your app and DAW? Which app and DAW are you using?

    Appreciate the additions details,
  • I don't have the audio4 connected yet. I was trying to get my head around the routing, so when I get it tomorrow I can have better understanding of how I will route my iPad and laptop. I am using bias fx on my iPad. This has a stereo in and stereo out capability. I also have a windows 8.1 laptop that I use cubase 8. As for the audio connection on the audio 4 patch bay. I can see that the four analog inputs are routed to each of the two computing devices. I will be plugging my guitar into audio input 2, from there I would assume that my iPad will have a signal on channel 2 and my laptop will have a signal on channel 2. Can my guitar input be sent to destination channel 1 and 2 of both computing devices? Assuming this is possible, how do I process or route the input 1 and 2 of my first computing device( iPad)out into my second computing device(DAW)? Is there a line out or path that is designated to go into the second computing device,such as 3 and 4. From there I would like to send my DAW stereo out to all the analog outputs(which will be two sets of monitors and a set of headphones. I appreciate your help.
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    You will see the interface as a 6in X 6out on any computing device. When you go to your apps audio preferences, you will see this reference.

    In general:

    On the inputs, the first four channels are the input jacks on the front of the interface. 5/6 would be the digital stereo feed from the other computer (as indicated by iConfig's audio patchbay).

    On the outputs, the first four outputs are the balanced 1/4in jacks on the back of the interface. 5/6 could be the headphones, if you wish.

    You could also have the headphone jack mirror outputs 1/2 and use output 5/6 to bus audio digitally to the other computing device. You will see these options in the audio patchbay.

    You can make custom routing adjustments through the audio patchbay. You can connect 'sources' to 'destinations' using the routing matrix. some of the routing in this menu may only be used when you wish to monitor and mix audio from the hardware directly.

    Let me know what other questions you have when you get the interface connected.
  • Hi
    The routing is actually pretty simple at a fundamental level. It only gets confusing when you try to figure out the analog mixer in iConfig, which isnt always needed anyway. The confusion occurs because the patchbay is two-way (source to destination), but the analog mixer is effectively an extra source/destination. This allows a source>destination/source>destination workflow, where the analog mixer is first a destination, then a source, which can then be routed to a final destination (and so on....) Sources can be simultaneously patched to multiple destinations (like a mult in a console patchbay), but only one source can be included in each patch. In this way, your guitar input (being a single source) can be sent to the multiple destinations you require.
    Since you want to then patch the stereo output from the iPad to your DAW, you can consider the relevant iPad channel to be a source which you patch to a stereo input pair in your DAW. For this to work without using the iCA4+ analog mixer, you'll need two pairs of inputs to the DAW (one pair for the original clean guitar which you've said you want to route to the DAW, the second pair for the processed guitar from the iPad) as you cant send two source pairs to a single destination pair. That can be done, but you'd need to use the analog mixer.

    That's the patchbay rule - one source to many destinations, not "many sources to one destination". And that's one of the reasons the analog mixer exists, allowing you to mix different sources within the iCA4+ for routing to one (or more) destinations.

    You dont necessarily need the analog mixer in your case, as the patchbay allows you to route but it may be useful given your monitoring requirements etc.

    The white paper from iConnectivity is useful to understanding this, but the simplest approach is to clear all routing in the iConfig patchbay, then methodically add your specific patches, one by one. You'll soon see it is easy to achieve the routing you require as described in your post above. That's also a good way to figure out your channel count, which can be adjusted in the Audio Info tab (ie the patchbay automatically adjusts to the channel topology you decide to use)
  • Thank you for the details. It seems the more I read it the more I understand the source,destination configurations. I will have the device tomorrow! Then I will post how I connected the devices and the outcome.
  • I got everything hooked up through the patchbay as you suggested! I didnt realize that you could click on the source and destination grid. I did notice that the interface gets hot,is that normal?
  • The iCA4 dissipates heat through the case - can get warm to the touch - 35 degrees C is normal.
  • @jatspic05 I actually leave mine on 24 hours a day with little heat coming from the box - but it can depend on the air flow around the interface, like being racked up in a case. Let us know if you are experiencing something different.
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