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New firmware & Windows driver imminent

If all goes well we should be releasing version 2.0 firmware for all of our interfaces either today or tomorrow. This is a significant set of updates which fixes some long-standing issues, and also adds new functionality for the forthcoming Auracle control software.

We recommend that all users upgrade to this new firmware. However please be advised that because of the changes made in this firmware, upgrading will erase all user settings stored in your device! So please ensure that you save your current settings to your computer before you upgrade.

We will also be releasing a new unified Windows driver for all AUDIO interfaces as well as the MIDI2+ and MIDI4+ interfaces. This driver has significantly improved latency and full support for Audio Pass-Thru on the MIDI+ devices. All users of these devices on Windows are strongly recommended to upgrade as well. Users of the mio range of interfaces are unaffected.

I will be posting links to the new driver shortly, and the firmware update will be available via download or via direct access within iConfig. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of iConfig which is 4.2.6.


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