Is there iConfig for IOS?

I don't see iConfig in the app store on my ipad.  When I search for iconnectivity, just NetMIDI and PortMan show as results. An Iconfig app would be really useful.


  • They pulled it off from the app store.  I still have the beta version.   I think you can ask the company for it. 
  • When are they going to put it back?
  • See this thread: iconfig missing from appstore

    It apparently doesn't work w/ iOS 11 (I concur)

    They offered to put it back up for those who still need it but apparently they were hoping few people use it and thus no one would notice?
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    Thanx a lot for this link on thread!
  • Hi,

    I'm French, I've just bought the IconnectMIDI 2+ device and I' don't find the app on the AppStore...
    Is the app gonna be back in the App Store ? 

    I'd like to use the "AudioPass Thru" skills of the IconnectMIDI2+, it is possible without the iOS app ?

    Waiting for your response .

  • Please help ! 

    I spend my whole day trying to get audio via audio thru :( I watched every video on youtube, read every thread on multiples forum...

    I'm not even able to have midi from my Mac to my iPad :(
    It seem the iPad is not recognize by the IMC2+ or the ICM2+ is not recognize by the iPad.

    When I plug my iPad to IMC2+ via the iConnectivity Lightning cable, it doesn't appear on the MIDI menu of my synth app (NAVE, Animoog...)

    And when I create an aggregate device on my Mac, the ICM2+ stay grey... on the video I saw on Youtube, the IMC2+ appear in blue or green.

    Please help :(

  • It is the same thing on an iPhone, when I plug it to the IMC2+ (with the IMC2+ lightning cable), the USB1 LED goes ON (Green) during 2 or 3 seconds then she goes down...  and the IMC2+ doesn't appear in the MIDI setting of my synth app (on the iPhone).

    The iPhone is running iOS 10.2 and the iPad is running 11.0.2

    The only thing I can do is to send MIDI notes from my Mac to the IMC2+, indeed when a MIDI note is playing on Ableton Live (track armed and MIDI routed to IMC2+ USB1, the USB2 led lights green.
  • Hi Scar? Leone?
    Not iConnectivity tech support and I don’t use the IMC2+, but I feel your pain. I use an iPad and Mac and currently I can’t use iconfig on the iPad, but all seems fine using it on my Mac with my Audio4+. You might try 1) being sure the firmware is up-to-date (to 2.0), 2) try the beta version of Auracle (see red box on top of iConnectivity home page), 3) submit a support ticket here;
    and 4) you could even try calling 403.457.1122.

    If you can’t call, leave a note here and i’ll Try calling for you. Or try calling your retailer for some help. That might work, or at least wake someone up to your troubles.

    All that said I hope the support team shows up here with some help, as that would help AND others.
  • Is connectivity still planning to put the iconfig audio app back on the appstore?
    Or wil it be replaced with an auracle ios version app? I would mainly need an easy
    way of switching between presets (inconnectaudio4+) without the use of a desktop.
  • It should be back now. The latest iOS update from Apple seems to have fixed SOME of the issues people have been having.
  • It’s working fine here. Happy with the iconfig app functionality. Ica4+ works fluently with ipad air and pro, no connection problems etc. Under latest ios version.
  • Really glad to hear that!
  • Are we any closer to getting Auracle for the iOS? I primarily use my +4 with my ipad, and the app still isn't working.

  • iConfig on iPad not working here, and both of the mac OS iConfig and Auracle aren't seeing my Audio4+. MIDI is not working right in my set up and I desperately need to see the setttings

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